Tarazona gastroenteritis outbreak traces to drinking water…

from Zaragoza Public Health It has been shown that laboratory culture results from a patient’s stool make it possible to pinpoint what the pathogen is. Causing gastroenteritis outbreak in Tarazona: is about a Cryptosporidium protozoa. Cysts of this protozoan, found in the intestines of humans or livestock, can contaminate water and lead to community outbreaks, such as what happened in the town of Aragon.

This Thursday Analytical results of Tarazona drinking water samples. All measured parameters gave correct values, so as a temporary measure, while awaiting the results of the stool culture, it was decided to perform intensive disinfection (hyperchlorination) of the supplies. A few hours later, the results were confirmed by analysis of the patient’s feces, which found the protozoa.

Laboratory diagnosis of this protozoa can only be detected in fecal cultures. It is not detectable in drinking water. Although the possibility of hyperchlorination of water was initially proposed as a measure, this finding in fecal cultures forces us to continue limiting water consumption and take specific and more relevant measures.

confirmed The source of the epidemic is water consumed by humansdue to the sudden outbreak of the epidemic and the large number of people affected, and because this is the only common consumption of the affected people.

this scientists they warned Current wastewater purification and drinking water purification systems do not always pose sufficient barriers to the survival of protozoan cysts., resistant to chlorine treatment. For this reason, this disease, which has become very rare in Spain and Europe in recent years, It is considered a possible disease.

In addition to being spread through drinking water, this protozoa It can also be spread from person to person through feces. Therefore, the following is recommended.

Advice for people who have or have had symptoms related to the disease

  1. Extreme measures must be taken to prevent the spread of the disease. Personal hygiene measures and hand washingEspecially after changing the diaper of an infected child or patient within 48 hours after the diarrhea has gone away.
  2. In addition, it is recommended Wash your hands with soap and water, especially after using the bathroom and before and after preparing food. In these situations, alcohol-based hand sanitizer will not work.
  3. must be Prevent people with symptoms from handling food or caring for people who are hospitalized or immunocompromised or institution (residential, nursery, etc.) within 48 hours after diarrhea has resolved.
  4. suggestion children Who goes to daycare center They were added 48 hours after the diarrhea disappeared.
  5. Since the germs can be excreted from the body after diarrhea ends, it is recommended that patients Avoid swimming in a swimming pool for two weeks after the diarrhea stops.
  6. recommend Avoid having sex until the diarrhea has gone away for two weeks.

General Advice for Tarazona Residents

  • Boil water for at least 10 minutes to clean utensils and surface.
  • Do not use tap water for drinking or oral hygiene.
  • Do not use tap water to prepare food or drinks.
  • You can use tap water to maintain personal hygiene. (But not oral hygiene).

also, Tarazona City Hallrelying on the service’s technical support and collaboration Zaragoza Public Healthare working to design and apply the necessary technical measures to eliminate cysts that may remain in the water supply network and authorize their unrestricted consumption as soon as possible.

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