Barbie and the explanation of the ending. Why do you go to the gynecologist?

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for the Barbie movie, which is already in theaters.

Barbie Greta Gerwig ends with a genius twist. Margot Robbie, that is, Barbie par excellence, Barbie Stereotypes, having conquered Barbieland, having been in the real world, faced with the patriarchy of people and Ken, also consisting of horses, decided to become a real woman. Mattel Gloria employee aka America Ferrera, who explained how things really work and how it should be instead, accompanies her through the building full of offices. Looks like a job interview, but it’s a doctor’s office. Barbie crosses the hall and goes to the reception desk, where she says the last line of the film: “I’m here to see my gynecologist” he says, flashing one of his most successful smiles. End credits.

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The human Barbie’s first complaint is not about work or romance. Greta Gerwig sends her to the gynecologist, a way to confirm that she is no longer plastic or asexual. After all, dolls’ lack of genitals is also a joke at the beginning of the film, and was an essential feature for giving them to little girls in the late 1950s. But it is also a way of giving up “the body is mine and I control it.” And while on TikTok we continue to discuss the various possible meanings of the last scene (“an ode to motherhood or a joke about sex?”, and again “going to the gynecologist is what makes a woman?”), it was the director herself who gave her version of the ending: “ I knew I wanted to finish my kind tell jokesbut at the same time, I also find it very emotional and serious,” Gerwig said a few days ago. Use today remembering that “When I was a teenager, I was shy about my body and I was so ashamed that I could not even describe. Everything seemed to have to remain hidden.”

Margot Robbie, on the contrary, talks about it with a big smile and without any hesitation: “If I could give girls a feeling “Barbie does it too”added the director, “for me it is both a pleasure and an exciting result.” Barbie does it so we can really, we should all do it. Go to the gynecologist and decide on your body, including sexual and reproductive rights. “Watching Barbie going to the gynecologist normalizes the experience. This reinforces the understanding that reproductive health is an integral part of overall health,” said Leana Wen, PhD, and professor of health policy and management at George Washington University, in an interview with CNN.

Mission Complete. At the moment, the Warner Bros. passed the one billion views mark and continues to actively move forward. Barbie is not only out of the box, but she has no plans to return.

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