Barbie ended in a brawl: a brawl between two women in a movie theater

TObox office movie Barbie it makes notable money, but not everyone comes out of movie joyful and relaxed. Indeed, there are those who see the end credits as an opportunity cause a real fight in a bar. The main characters of the story two women from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who got into a fight after a quarrel between chairs in the cinema hall. The brawl was filmed by a young woman present at the screening, Sofia Ferreira, who posted the video to TikTok (only to be deleted a few days later).

The film begins with a large crowd of spectators. they argue with each other from their seatsleafing through the credits of the film, with a song What was I made for? From Billie Eilish works in the background strange effect than what needs to happen. Suddenly, a woman in pink pants runs up the stairs to another woman in a fuchsia jacket. two had a fight and the first violently pushes the second to the groundwhile the man tries to intervene. The attacked girl gets to her feet, trying to take revenge, but, fortunately, the rivals remain on the sidelines.

The Brazilian media tried to reconstruct the story. The victim of the attack, one Melissa Caroline, was supposed to complained about the presence of a little girl in the room (The Barbie movie is prohibited for children under 12). During the show, a little girl would pick up the phone and start watching YouTube videos, disturbs the audience in the hall. Complaints that the grandmother of a very young girl did not take into account, so much so that she forced the woman to ask for police intervention. At the end of the movie patatrak.


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