Barbie, the first photo of John Cena in the film as a mermaid

Actor and former wrestler, face Quick X AND Suicide Squadirresistible Ken Triton with long blond hair (and a shell necklace around his neck)

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Not much left before the debut Barbie on the big screen, and even if the trailers and footage have already shown much of the visual aspect of the story, there is still a lot to be learned in Greta Gerwig’s film, especially in regards to the details and the many sequences. Behind the scenes video posted iHollywoodTV and picked up by other trade media shows an extraordinary Metamorphoses of John Cena also participates in the production as Ken. Not just Ken: Ken Newtwith a fish tail, shells on the neck and a thick mane blonde curls.

John Cena praised the film Barbie

When John Cena accidentally met Margot Robbie while filming her Barbie (the actress was across the street when he stopped to say hello) told her that he was ready to do anything to be part of Greta Gerwig’s crazy adventure.
After the actor and former wrestler was rejected in his first (open) audition for the film, he accepted the role of Ken Newt, a small part he happily played.
In behind-the-scenes footage of the production, in which he talks about his experiences filming the comedy with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, Cena – completely at ease with a mermaid tail and blond king of the sea hair – dwells on the film’s many positive aspects that are sure to spark controversy among spectators.
According to the vision of the American actor Barbie this will leave the audience filled with mixed emotions that will materialize into a discussion that will last for a long time. For John Cena, there is no better form of entertainment than one worthy of comparison. Barbie this is not a film with a unique meaning, and this is also its greatness.

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The 46-year-old who played Jacob Toretto and the Peacemaker on the big screen invites fans to come Barbie with a critical eye, because the film’s extraordinary visual power is just one aspect to focus on. Of course, it will be hard not to be seduced by the strength of the cast and the care with which the actors have been molded into perfect human puppets.

The excellent work of the cast with the crew and especially the costume department was also praised by Ryan Gosling (head Ken of the story), who admitted in an interview that he had never changed so many clothes for a character and that the variety of her costumes really impressed him.


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Cena will likely only wear one look, that of Ken Newt, as his appearance is known to be limited to one scene, a cameo that is destined to be remembered by viewers. Given the character’s personality, it’s likely that Cena’s scenes will be the same, which also features Dua Lipa, who was announced as Barbie’s interpreter for Siren, a character with hair as blue as the sea.

Small forays of famous stars into the film promise to be no less interesting than the appearance of the main characters. In recent days, the media has released several statements by director Greta Gerwig, who said she was hoping for the opportunity to participate in the production of her two fetish actors, Timothée Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan. The couple, who have already successfully competed on the set, in Ladybug AND Small womanthe other two Gerwig cults weren’t available during filming, which is a big regret for both the director, who considers himself a bit of a mother to two young stars, and the fans, who would have had more reason to love even more. Barbie.

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