Barbiecore, the most popular trend of the moment, is also entering our homes. Total 27 pink ideas | Architectural Digest of Italy

So, wonderful world of barbie starts to slowly crumble. First she slides clumsily off the second floor of her gorgeous Dream House, then as she showers, she is overcome by the shock of cold water soaking into her perfectly coiffed hair. But Barbie’s misadventures don’t end there. Her legs, accustomed to high heels, suddenly turn into flat feet, causing her to lose her unmistakable posture. A real disaster as she is then forced to opt for a bold pair of Birkenstock “Arizona” mules to wear instead of her favorite heels. But the spoiler can only end here, because it’s time to plunge into the wonderful world of Barbie, where everything is so perfect it looks like it came straight from a laundry detergent commercial. The sun is always shining, the grass is greener than ever, and every flower is always in perfect color because there are no seasons in her doll world.

27 ideas to copy for the perfect Barbie style home

Four spacious rooms with an elevator and a seating area on the roof, obviously seasoned with pink sauce. No matter how many years have passed, the Barbie house has always been at the forefront of design. From caramel details to trendy furniture, each piece has that touch of glamour, which continues to delight. Of course, it is difficult to reproduce in a real house, it is too cloying for the general look, but perhaps a few touches here and there, why not. Let’s try to exaggerate. So we looked through the company’s catalogs looking for that particular pink shade and then toned it down with more neutral, but always decidedly feminine tones. We mixed it all up by adding stripes, plaid and geometry to give it even more panache. From Gufram’s iconic Bocca chair, who opted for a bright pink lipstick for the occasion, to Verner Panton fixtures, from Seletti’s creative intrusions to Ilaria Franza’s paintings. The girl just wants to have fun

The Enchanted World of Barbieland.

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