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Behind the success of the tours of the big stars is a huge choral work that is not illuminated by the spotlights. These are workers: from locksmiths to illuminators, from dressers to make-up artists, truck drivers and service personnel, videographers. And then there are those who share the stage with the stars: dancers, singers, musicians. A commitment that Taylor Swift wanted to reward with a six-figure bonus. According to what People reconstructed, the world music star on her “Eras Tour”awarded the entire production staff of his concerts with a record amount: more than 55 million dollars.. The awards went to all categories of employees to thank them for the amazing success achieved together: star returned from six sold-out shows at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. The tour, a massive show with a 44-song set list, kicked off in March from Arizona in 2024. will continue with concerts in Europe, Australia and Asia.

Specifically, truck drivers received bonuses of $100,000. “They usually range from $5,000 to $10,000. Such a figure is incredible, it changes your lifeThis was reported to CNN by Michael Scherkenbach, owner of one of the two travel agencies involved in the tour. Taylor’s father made an announcement to the drivers Swift, Scott. “He said he talked to Taylor about it and they agreed that everyone could get a bonus. Taylor wrote a note to each driver in his own hand and sealed the envelope with a wax seal with his initial. Taylor Swift is no stranger to generous acts. She frequently donated to organizations that feed the poor at food banks, as well as non-profit organizations dedicated to combating violence against women. She also performed to help residents of some tornado-affected areas.

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