Barbra Streisandova and Lady Gaga. Do Česka miří lamači dívčích srdcí

Mezinárodně uznávaná Hudební Skupina Il Volo konečně miří do Česka. The Italian trio in your career featured Barbro Streisandova and Lady Gaga. Let’s try to find out what sympathies I wanted to express at the local conference in Budapest.

The pop trio consists of tenorists Piera Baron, Ignacia Boschetta and baritone Gianluci Ginobla. In fact, Il Volo has been studied in great detail. “About people who don’t know us, I know three important keys that began to remember 15 years and talented specialists. “The Italian culture is miluia,” said Piero Barone.

All the time they conceived when they were teenagers with ears. “We were 15 years old when we listened, and there were three booklets with deep things that were not missed, and it’s just opera in a certain style. Here is the list of the repertoire,” added Boschetta.

The best earnings in Europe, which was not a representative of Italy in supporting Eurovize. Meanwhile, the Italian tradition went even further. “Of course, I want the Ceske Republic to be in my city. I know that I’m talking to the reaction, but I will never lose,” said Il Volo at the concert, which ends on 10. Red in the O2 arena.

Barbra Streisandova and Lady Gaga. Please select one of the products you want to buy. “There was something about a big school, first of all, this is what we know, we must help you follow how to work like I am a professional. About Pope Francis in Panama,” the words pop up.

Big concert Counterfeit: Another image and a bright show braly dech

Big concert Counterfeit: Another image and a bright show braly dech

​Drive three buklati chlapci, days of young Italians, ze kterých charisma in the heart. “I’ve seen the shores, I’ve never seen them before, so I’ll see you again. See you later. I will look at you, I will save your life. Belly fur. Platonitskaya,” the baron enlightened.

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