Beauties of the world, Kosovar Aslani: the angel of Sweden who escaped war

Blond hair, penetrating gaze, proud soul. Kosovo Aslani it’s an angel Sweden, a beauty from the catwalk, as evidenced by numerous photo shoots for famous brands, but who does not think about getting on the field and getting her hands dirty. Her past taught her to earn everything with sweat and sacrifice.

The name it bears is a tribute Kosovo his native country, the surname betrays the origin Albanians. Kosovo Aslani she was one of many refugees who left everything before the Kosovo war in the hope of a new life, or rather, in the hope of staying alive.

War and dribbling with death

V 1988 Aslani’s family makes a painful decision, but it can no longer be postponed: to leave Kosovo and go to Sweden. War will break out in a year. Aslani arrive at Bullerbin and out of work, the family clothing store is now a memory. The father works as an interpreter, the mother in a kindergarten, both work hard helping refugees who have gone the same way as them, but they often do not have enough food.

Kosovar did not have a war, but it was marked by stories, news, an atmosphere of fear and suffering. But she ran away death, an opponent who has often dribbled in his life. Played in PSG when a terrorist cell attacked the editorial office in Paris Charlie Hebdo And Bataclan. She had to go to see the match between France and Germany on Stade de France with a friend, but at the last moment she refused, because she was too tired: there were 3 explosions near the stadium that night.

V 2017 played in Manchester. He was in a restaurant when the sound of sirens disturbed his dinner: 23 people died in Ariana Grande concert V suicide attack, which happened near the place where the girl dined. In the following days, he offered psychological support to people who had a relative or friend involved in the tragedy at the club.

If he lost, he went on a hunger strike

As a child, the brothers did not want her to be with them on the field, they tried to distract her, but she was already stubborn: “I knew where he was, even if they did everything to lose me.“, – he said. As a child, she didhunger strikeafter the defeat of a kind of self-punishment: “yes, I was very strict with myself“.

However, as a child, he did not prioritize the ball. She studied economics, thought of becoming a sports journalist: her dream was to be able to buy something for her mother and repay the sacrifices made in the past. His first professional contract with Linköping he provided for a salary of 6,000 crowns a month, a little more 500 Euro. Not exactly the right budget to make your dream come true.

From the slums to glory

He will spend 2 seasons with the Swedish national team (2007-2009) before returning in 2010-2011 after a short spell with Chicago Red Stars, and then two more years from 2017 to 2019. In Sweden, he will win the championship in 2009 and 2017, as well as take home two Swedish Cups (2008 and 2009) and the Supercup (2009).

As already mentioned, in 2012 he signs a contract with PSG. welcome Zlatan Ibrahimovichis compatriot who made it clear to the then CEO Leonardo that “if you want to win you need a Swedish striker“. Ordinary photos, curiosity about the Swedish duo, then Zlatan is introduced to the Parco dei Principi and she lives in slums of paris. Football inequality emblem. He still scores 39 goals in 59 games. Skip Manchester and then real Madrida team in which he turns out to be a “self-candidate”.

When the men’s Real Madrid wished all women a March 8, she replied: “if we are important to you, you should create a women’s team“. In 2019, Blanco formed their women’s team, which she was in until 2022, realizing the dream of playing in the team of one of their idols, Ronaldo “The Phenomenon”.

Today he is a striker Milan: he arrived in 2022, unexpectedly finding Zlatan Ibrahimovic. This time the difference is smaller: Kosovar is the star of women’s football, she boasts. 300,000 subscribers on Instagram and partnerships with prestigious brands such as Coca Cola, Visa, Nike and Kia.

Instagram photo @Asllani9

In Sweden and for Sweden

His debut in the national team took place on September 27, 2008 in a match against Romania. He will wear a shirt Sweden 170 times with 44 goals scored, which, however, brought her more bitterness than joy. In fact, with Sweden, he won: 2 Olympic silver medals in Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020, 2 world bronze medals in France 2019 and Germany 2011, 2 more European bronze medals in Sweden 2013 and England 2022. After the second Olympic silver, he thundered: “I’m tired of all these damn silver medals“. This year he will try to put the World Cup on his bulletin board, perhaps for the last time. On his way will be Italy, playing in Group G of the Women’s World Cup.

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The roots of “Kosse”

Today Kosovo Aslani she is an icon of women’s football, she divides herself between training sessions, matches and photo shoots, her great passion for fashion may one day lead her to the podium, even if the journalistic ambitions shown in her youth may open the doors of TV for her. But “Kosse”, as his friends call him, does not forget his origins. The Albanian eagle tattoo on his ankle reminds him of them.

Highly committed to social issues, Kosovar created in Baylerbeen a city that welcomed her after fleeing the war, Aslani Kort, a football field born in an area populated mostly by foreigners: a place where young and girls can pursue their dreams. Kosovar started from there.

Instagram photo @Asllani9

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