Beauty clips: women who inspire us, not just beauty reviews

Faces and representatives of the great beauty houses, but above all women, who become the spokesmen for the most profound messages of the world of cosmetics, from empowerment to self-acceptance and self-belief. Let them talk (on video)

YouA good 40% of women in the world do not buy cosmetic product if it doesn’t look like him I believe in his ideas, his dreams. If he does not realize his small or big desire. If he fails to somehow improve something in himself. Various global industry reports have talked about this, but the cosmetics world itself knows it well. mirror image of society and its mechanisms that develop with women. Thus, even such a key role as celebrity support the responsibility of representing fashion houses today necessarily has a greater task or rather greater commitment

From left to right: Cate Blanchett for Armani Beauty, Anne Hathaway for Shiseido, Florence Pugh for Valentino Beauty.

Between new records and historical confirmationsthis season, beauty gets inspiring women talking. “Inspire”, from the dictionaryintroduce air, insist, evoke a feeling. How the power of self-belief. The courage to say yes or feel free. Not to disguise yourself, but to assert yourself. Listen to them!

Beauty reviews and their beauty messages.

Ann Hataway

“Finding your light is not easy. Sometimes just waiting for it to be turned on. How our potential is innate. It has no boundaries, by definition it has no age.” Like beauty, he says Ann Hataway, Oscar winner, UN Ambassador, face of the training ground Shiseido Vital Perfection, the result of pioneering research into the mechanisms of aging. Like epidermal micromuscles, the focus of the new serum LiftDefine Radiance Night Concentrate will hit the market in a few days. “Feed, protect, support. These are the keywords for the skin and for the soul”

Cate Blanchett

Eat new “Yes” in perfumery, the final olfactory chapter of an iconic fragrance. Armani Beauty, positivity poster.Yes is the most powerful word in the world, opens the door to the unexpected. It’s nice to imagine a world of open possibilities,” he says. Cate Blanchett, Global Home Beauty Ambassador. “I wish all of us women to find the courage to say yes to yourself with self-esteem, courage, tenacity of ideas. Also via little daily yeses easier than grand gestures.” And if spirits can help remind us…

Charlize Theron

perfume is a language that can express exactly who you are if you have no words or you don’t know how to do it. The choice is instinctive, sometimes you get a thrill when you find out the right one… Fragrance is the ultimate pleasure,” he says. Charlize Theronface J’Adore for more than twenty years. New, J’ador l’Or, enhanced by floral nuances, it has an even more brilliant trail. For those who want to treat themselves only to new light

Whitney Peak

At eighteen, she moved from Uganda to New York to fulfill her dream of repeating. Just two years later, she became the first Review of Chanel perfume by a native of Africa, Coco Mademoiselle. “Coco Chanel was born at a time when women had no freedom, and yet she made herself an icon,” says Whitney. “My favorite quote from Nina Simonehe says that beauty is not being afraid. Believe in yourself»

Emma Watson

“A woman is never the same, but always remains herself. That’s why triangle: symbolizes edges unique for each of us, combined into a magical whole and is constantly evolving.” Actress Emma Watson demonstrates more than one side of his talent, acting as both director and (chameleon-like) protagonist of a commercial. Paradox, Prada’s latest fragrance. “Definitions are like boxes, always too small. I note my shortcomings, they are part of the whole. All sides of me, even opposites, simply shape who I am.»

Florence Pugh

In the colorful world of Valentino Beauty, from pastel corals to bold bright fuchsias, the actress shines. Florence Pugh: “Lowering women’s self-esteem by commenting on their bodies it was a mechanism that worked for years,” says herself, who was subjected to body shaming this summer for appearing at the fashion house’s haute couture show in a sheer pink veil dress that left her breasts half-exposed. “We need to remind everyone that there is more than one reason for women’s bodies to exist and that everyone is free to find their own way to experience it. Liking yourself is the ultimate dream of beauty. AND Makeup, like fashion, are powerful tools»

Dua Lipa

There are so many emotions that singer Dua Lipa he says he lived on the set of a fragrance commercial For free, new cult YSL Beauty. “In the first scene I’m flying on an eagle. Alter ego, a metaphor for unexpressed power. I admire the ocean washing the black sand beach. Then I brave the boiling lava, walking in front of the fiery Libre sign. In the force of nature I had to be a woman without fears. Then I myself can be a force! Here’s a message in a bottle: it’s an invitation to release your energy, perceive yourself as a fire that burns with life»

Bianca Balti

“My makeup looks like me, it’s spontaneous: it seems I’m incapable of lying, you can read it all on my face.” Muse Dolce and Gabbana BeautyBianca Balti, talks about herself struggling with very light foundation (Milleennialskin). “I have a little melasma Makeup helps to disguise it, but with transparency, a little light is enough. I don’t want my skin to be camouflaged. I recently discovered makeup, it’s like when I grow up I have learned to want to see myself at my best just for the sake of please, yourself. Loving yourself is a journey that lasts a lifetime.”


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