“Because I’m Trying to Get a Chiseled Jaw…”: When Tom Holland Revealed the Hilarious Reason Behind the Famous “Dave the Frog” Meme

Even during the release of his long-awaited film, Spider-Man: Homecoming Tom Holland then regularly appeared on the red carpet. His charming smile and charismatic appearance have won the love of fans around the world. However, eagle-eyed enthusiasts noticed something special about Holland’s red carpet appearance – his signature facial expression: pursed lips and slightly puffed cheeks. Yes, we’re talking about the famous “Dave the Frog” meme.

Revealing a peculiar expression

This signature look has sparked curiosity and surprise among fans. What was the reason Tom Holland permanent face of “blue steel”? Tumblr, the hub of creative theories and fandom, was quick to give an answer that was as weird as it was funny, saying that Tom Holland has a frog in his mouth! According to this bizarre theory, Holland wore this pursed-lipped expression to prevent an imaginary frog from escaping, resulting in a hilarious meme that has taken the Tumblr world by storm. The theory became so popular that someone even created a special Tumblr account for the fictional frog that Holland was said to be hoarding.

Well, if you’re worried about Tom Holland’s feelings or self-esteem, there’s no need to. The actor not only knew about the frog theory, but also found it funny. Taking to his Instagram account, Holland confirmed what fans had suspected all along.

This is how Tom reacted to the meme

However, it wasn’t just limited to social media. Tom Holland decided to clear the air about the meme during his appearance promoting Spider-Man: Far From Home on The Graham Norton Show. During the conversation, the host asked Holland about “Frog Dave” and his connection to him. Tom replied: “Frog Dave is in my mouth. We have to walk red carpets all the time, and it can be quite awkward when everyone is yelling at you. So my friend tweeted a photo of me saying, “Tom Holland looks like he has a frog in his mouth while taking paparazzi photos.” I thought it was funny so I posted a photo which then went viral and everyone thought it was funny. But weeks passed, and one day I looked at myself in the mirror and felt that I looked like I had a frog in my mouth. I think it’s because I’m trying to create the look of a chiseled jaw, but it just doesn’t work.”

Tom Holland’s revelation not only left audiences in splits, but also gave fans an inside look at his sense of humor and ability to take things lightly. The “Frog Dave” meme may have been funny, but it also added an adorable touch to Holland’s charming personality, endearing him even more to fans.

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