“Belve”: emoticons (and emotions) of Emma Bonino and cocaine according to Stefania Nobile

The radical leader confronts Francesca Fagnani (but also gives a moving speech about abortion). Daughter Vanna Markie seems to be the hostess. And on Federico Fashion Style it is better to use… extension

Smiley war

Let’s face it. Fagnani is a little happy about this: she knows that emoticons, her “Eh!” the confused and restrained smiles are to die for. And so – rightly so – he plays with it. Only this time he found, surprisingly, a worthy rival in the person of… Emma Bonino. She, who doesn’t want to be “ghettoized as a womb expert,” immediately understands the story and challenges (sensibly) Faganani on his own turf. As such, he shows himself to be extremely friendly: he embellishes his answers with just as many “Eh!”s, parries the most difficult questions with sly smiles, and displays eloquent facial expressions. At one point, while talking about his childhood, he even makes a cow sound: “I used to go to the pasture with the cows. Deadly boring! And when Fagnani asks her if the experience of the commune included all the “extensions,” Bonino laughs in her face. “I made it more transgressive,” the presenter rightly insists, expressing our own bewilderment. And Bonino: “Who, me? Oh God, oh God!” And laugh down. Someone give Emma a talk show right now.

Minister Rocella, are you listening?

But Bonino is Bonino. That’s why he can’t appear on television without pissing people off. Thus, between one laughing skirmish and another, the face of the radicals gives Minister Eugenia Maria Roccella a half-heart attack. In the midst of a pro-birth campaign, Bonino voices his views on abortion. And his answer – no matter how you think about it – cannot leave us humanly indifferent. With cold honesty, she admits that she had an abortion because “having a child means saying you are forever, and I didn’t have the courage. I had others, but not such courage.” The statement is the quintessential “my womb and I control it,” but at the same time it is clearly tinged with sadness. However, Catholics on social media were still furious. Emma then continues: she talks about the very difficult process of terminating a pregnancy, the burning feeling of “humiliation” and, finally, the decision: “I told myself: never again. That’s how I got into politics.” She started out “totally ignorant” and therefore does not complain about the long time of service on the home front: “I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t ready.” Cinquestelle I’ll take note, thank you.

The Curse of Raoul Bova

And nothing, there is no way out. The ghost of Raoul Bova (see the summary of the first episode) continues to hover in the studio Animals, flooding the men’s dormitories. Between the brilliant Emma Bonino and Stefania Nobile, who devours the stage, Federico Fashion Style emerges. And honestly, who cares. And you think: “Didn’t they really find anything better?” Apparently not, given that Fagnani herself begins with the inelegant statement: “Your agent has asked me several times to interview her. Why is this program right for you? From the series: sorry guys, I was forced to do this. For heaven’s sake, Federico Fashion Style is dedicated to his craft, he even prepared some answers at home, but in the end this turns out to be Bova’s encore. To the first non-ritual question, i.e. “what do you have?” X – Factor?”, he looks at the presenter, dumbfounded: “What?” She then translates into Roman: “Who has more than others?. “What do I know’ Federico’s fashionable style! And Fagnani is inconsolable: “Nothing, we can’t get out of here…”. Throughout the interview, she delights in tearing him apart, focusing particularly on his narcissism. The problem is that Federico is not Bova, that is, lost and defenseless, so you are close to the Beast: he can even tear him to pieces… Result: in the end you even overestimate the Kodacons. The consumer association actually fined a well-known hairdresser who was guilty of presenting receipts of between 3,000 and 5,000 euros. “Not even a transplant,” says the presenter. Answer: “Dear, extensions are expensive.” Oh, good…

Addicts, Stefania Nobile

Raise your hand if Stefania Nobile’s announcement didn’t make you think, “Oh my god, again?” After an entire Netflix documentary series, the previous one featured Wanna Marchi. Animals and the remaining 1450, made around all the talk shows in Italy, was it really possible to add anything else? No, obviously. But it does not matter. Because Nobile works very well, even if you put her there repeating the broken record “I’m not sorry.” In fact, you are right when you say that “the TV is rightfully mine.” Nobile, like Vanna, has perfect timing, captivating storytelling and hypnotic facial expressions. It is no coincidence that after 5 minutes she had already taken over the entire stage, driving Fagnani and her smiles into a corner: for us, who were watching everything from the sofa, only Stefania existed. Stop. Even the answers – strange and predictable – seemed more interesting than the questions (and we all said it). So when Fagnani asks if she has ever used drugs, we immediately agree with Nobile’s answer: “Stefania Nobile should be using cocaine, not the other way around.” And just like that. We are all relentlessly addicted to Wanna Marchi and Stefania Nobile.

Didn’t ask for curtains

Let’s do it like this. Give us more behind the scenes and less skits and no one will get hurt. The last 30 seconds after the closing credits, when Vanna Marchi gives the voices to the guests. Animals (promoted by Emanuele Filiberto and Cassa Bova, shouting “for God’s sake!”) is much more entertaining than LaVange’s fake jokes. Michela Andreozzi’s monologue about unsolicited advice that fifty-year-olds can give is also tiresome. The best line was: “You will find that a successful marriage can only be seen after a divorce.” You doing…

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