Ben Affleck wrote all his Bruce Wayne sentences as per latest update

As you know, in the film we see the last time Ben Affleck in the role Batmana role he turned down and won’t reprise in any Aquaman 2 (his scenes were cut). The actor himself has repeatedly explained that he loves to act in these scenes. Flash and that he learned “how to actually play that character” through the film.

As explained by insider KC Walsh, a very reliable source (having revealed a lot of information about the film in the preview), Affleck wrote all his scenesboth dialogues with amazing woman – when he most honestly admits that he held the Arcana of Truth in his hand – to be the last farewell to Barry Allen.

This last scene has been appreciated by a large number of fans as Bruce reflects on his past traumas – “the scars we have make us who we are” – acknowledges his mistakes and at the same time urges Barry do not return to the past, since everything is in order with it, what needs to be corrected.

Don’t live in the past. Don’t let tragedy define you.


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