“Intimate details about former Colin Farrell and Justin Timberlake”

The most anticipated book Britney Spears which will be released in October “The Woman in Me”. But something seems to be going wrong. In fact, the release of the book may be in jeopardy because of Colin Farrell and Justin Timberlake. The bomb was launched by The Sun, according to which the lawyers of the former boyfriends of the new writer and former pop queen Britney Spears somehow threatened to postpone the release of the book, which had already promised to mark the bestsellers for the artist among Biographies of celebrities and VIPs on Amazonfor sales calculated with pre-orders only.

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In short, it will be a delay of at least four months, which will be due to the will of the former pop star’s lawyers to verify some of the intimate details that Spears allegedly had with Irish actor Colin Farrell and her fellow American singer. is a songwriter and performer like her. Justin Timberlake and what he will report in the book. If the love story with Justin is now in the public domain, then the story between the singer, songwriter and actor has not been officially made public, especially by the actor.


Also, according to what comes out of the Sun, after a long discussion, the sides of the triangle involved in the release of the book should have come to an agreement, which marked the beginning of printing. This is after Britney Spears may have faced the threat of a complaint from lawyers for the singer’s former VIP clients, which would arise if she went public with some details about the ex. But in the meantime, Daily Mail and Page SIX sources are branding it as a fake. indiscretion.


From sources hostile to The Sun of BreatheHeavy.com, we learn that Britney Spears, of her own free will, chose not to include some bitter backstories involving difficult family relationships, with specific references to legal protection: the guardianship that bound Britney with missing guardians, because under American law she was declared incompetent. In November 2021, a verdict by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny marked the end of a legal defense that had been in place since 2008.

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