Ben Sherman Signs New Worldwide License Agreement with BSI

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Laura Galbiati


August 22, 2023

Menswear brand Ben Sherman has announced a new licensing agreement with BSI Apparel Limited. As part of the general licensing and operating partnership, BSI will be responsible for distributing men’s collections and bespoke clothing to Ben Sherman’s business partners internationally.

Ben Sherman

BSI is a subsidiary of Broadgate 1960, the parent company of Crew Clothing Company, Saltrock Surfwear and Pringle of Scotland.

Marquee Brands owner Ben Sherman said: “The cornerstone of the deal will be to increase investment in the business, create profitable commercial opportunities and prioritize full price retail development in brick and mortar stores across the UK.”

It will be a “global brand design and manufacturing hub” whose “evolving roadmap” will focus on “the continued optimization and growth of (its) UK e-commerce, retail and wholesale business.”

Both companies added that “ongoing investment will continue to highlight key global marketing initiatives and highlight design innovation, new product launches and the brand’s unmistakable DNA.”

The announcement comes as the label celebrates its 60th anniversary and is preparing two limited edition collaborative releases expected to be released alongside the Ben Sherman Global Artist Foundry, created in collaboration with the likes of Pauli Lovejoy, drummer and music director of the band. international tour by Harry Styles “Love on Tour” and alternative rock band The Sherlocks.

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