UAS Chancellor Alleged Abuse of Power; University Denounces Violations in Case

After 12 hours, the controlling judge found enough evidence Link to Jesús Madueña Molina, Rector of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS)he is charged with the following offences: abuse one’s power Block the Audit by the Advanced State Audit Office (ASE).

After the case, Madeña Molina faced his first hearing alone with his defense attorneys. Robespierre Lizárraga Otero, General Counsel, UASwill present medical reasons for the attorney’s absence and request a 15-day postponement of the hearing.

However, the judge decided to continue the Madueña Molina hearing, which began at 9:00 am and ended at 8:52 pm.

UAS Chancellor’s Audience

After hearing evidence for the prosecution request for nearly an hour and a half, prosecutors provided details of the complaint, the audit request and the refusal by university officials, led by Robespierre, presumably at the order of Madunia.

They also detail the testimony of 13 ASE officials who traveled to UAS facilities to attempt an audit.

They noted that some of the 30 people present shouted at them “they were sent by Feliciano”, referring to the Feliciano Castro Melendres, Chairman of the Political Coordination Committeeor “Rocha sent them,” referring to the Governor Ruben Rocha Moya.

In addition, the testimony of three of the 13 auditors appointed to audit UAS assured that they participated in the audit for the 2018 financial year conducted at the same university in 2019.

Additional evidence presented by the state attorney general’s office includes: 38 banknotes Provided by the Ministry of Administration and Finance Check the 2000 more 545 million pesos he sent to UAS in 2022and is part of a resource item that is not marked as federated.

Prosecutors explained that when resources are not marked, even if they come from the Federation, State governments have the discretion to use these resources, which is why ASE has the authority to audit them.

Other evidence that the UAS has received funds from the State is Loan application and proof of payment personally signed by the principal Madueña By the end of 2022, 100 million pesos will be allocated before the 2023 government department.

According to the testimony of more than a dozen auditors, Robespierre Lizaraga Otero’s Attempt to Consider ASE Audit of Drone Systems ‘Closed and Archived’arguing that they lack the authority to do so.

The hearing was extended because one of Madueña Molina’s defense attorneys insisted on reading the pages, dates, and concepts of the payment policy to the UAS, just to underline the saga of federal resources.

Defense used its strongest card, issuing two injunctions preventing ASE audit of UAS from completion, but judge decides Linking Madueña Molina to the process The reason is that although Federal judge yet to decide if ASE can audit UASAs the university’s highest authority, it refused to allow the audit.

Ultimately, the judge granted the prosecutor’s request to conduct a three-month investigation and will return to court. An interlocutory hearing will be held on November 21.

Although prosecutors asked Madueña Molina to go to the preventive measures department every month to sign that he would not leave the country without judicial permission as a preventive measure, in the end the judge only approved him not to leave the country.

UAS condemns irregularities in principal’s procedure

After hearing the principal’s hearing Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS) Jesús Madueña Molina, which issued a statement on the matter.

UAS also noted that there was a procedural error as Section 62 of the ASE prohibited it from acting directly as a prosecuting entity.

In addition, the statement states that there is a Letter from Federation Senior Audit Office (AFS)The letter to the Chancellor states that, under the Constitution, the person who oversees the University’s self-generated resources is the UAS Auditor General.

After the hearing, Principal Jesús Madueña Molina Call on the university community to ‘arm up’ and fight to defend the universityafter being linked to the procedure for the crime of abuse of power.

Jesús Madueña Molina, rector of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS), called on students to defend the institution. (Photo: Drone)

UAS principal faces another case

This Wednesday, August 23rd, Prime Minister Jesús Madunha Molina Another hearing will be held on a separate case in which he has been charged with Irregular performance of public functions and improper performance of public services Alleged illegal purchase of tortillas and meat at a price of more than 50 million pesos.

According to Governor Rubén Rocha Moya, Supreme State Institute invoices 48 million pesos for food purchases like meat, chicken and tortillasIt was the biggest acquisition during the pandemic, when student dormitories were empty.

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