Beniopa Health Center is the center with the highest number of patients in Saffol in 2022

Beniopa Health Center is the center with the highest number of patients in Saffol in 2022Alex Oltra

he Beniopa Health Center in Gandiathe one that received the most queries primary health care Throughout last year, the entire Ministry of Health’s work covered some towns in Saffour and Albaida valleys.and 327,164 visitsthe clinic ranked among the “top ten” in the region, followed by the Korean Clinic, also in Gandia, which received 309,278 consultations.

For example, these two cities receive more patients than the municipalities of Oliva (270,963) or Tavernes de la Valldigna (252,817). The data comes from the department’s annual report, recently released by the Department of Health.

The health center is located on Beniopa Avenue. Permanent population: 39,959 peopleand several subsidiary offices depend on it; that one is also called Beniopa (on the other side of the canyon), as well as that of Barques, Beniredra, Benipecska and Real de Gandi Ya.

this templateexcluding the above offices, consisting of 50 people: 20 family doctors, 20 nurses, 6 paediatricians, 2 midwives and 2 social workers. No significant improvement works have been carried out in recent years, apart from the installation of screens for shift management in January 2018.

Last year, specifically on May 19, the center made headlines because Two workers were attacked by users.This prompted the CSIF union, in addition to condemning the incidents, to organize Meet every Friday for several weeks Call on authorities to provide health workers with more protection from physical or verbal attacks.

There is currently another controversy, and that is the possible disappearance of the Beniopa and Benipeixcar offices. New health mapParticularly when the Roís de Corella social health complex was opened, the Plenary Council of Gandia on September 28 unanimously issued an institutional statement opposing this.

this Primary care in Gandia Health Department Received in 2022 1,919,267 queries.this diagnosis The most common among general consultations were high blood pressure (79,922), coronavirus infection (54,247), high cholesterol (46,509), functional dyspepsia (stomach upset) (45,234), anxiety (37,501), and type 2 diabetes (37,326) ) and low back pain, 32,788.

exist continuing care (Outside of health center hours), the diagnosis order is: common cold (14,149), acute pharyngitis (10,524), new coronavirus pneumonia (8,737), acute tonsillitis (5,789), low back pain (5,510), anxiety (4,115), unknown fever (3,783 cases) and cystitis (3,763 cases).

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