Best Amazon Prime Video series to watch and review

Not everyone knows it, but in many ways Amazon Prime Video has been offering for years some of the bravest and most adult TV series on the contemporary scene, products that challenge conventions, that deeply investigate the dark side (also of history and society), that they invest with amazing results in beautiful and elegant special effects, which bring great classics (even niche ones) to the small screen. How and with which titles, the following list tells, ideal for making a full immersion also free. In fact, these series can be viewed, even by those who are not subscribers: just take advantage of the 30 day free trial made available by the service for new users. To activate it, simply register in a few simple steps Amazon Prime by clicking here: after 30 days it will then be possible to decide whether to continue to see the catalog and its new products – and at the same time take advantage of all Prime services, such as the shipment of products in reduced times and access to events such as Exclusive Prime offers and the Prime Day – with the formula of 4.99 euros per month or 49.90 euros per year; or unsubscribe, again free of charge).

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Guide to the best Amazon Prime Video series

The Boys (2019 – today)

Television adaptation of the comic of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, The Boys today is probably the series that the subscription alone is worth it. His strength? It overturns all such assumptions superheroes telling of a society founded on superheroes influencers who hide crimes and tyranny under their smiles and are fought only by a group of crazy ex-mercenaries or ex-government officers mixed with an ordinary guy united only by the strength of their pain as victims seeking revenge. With 2023 we are at the fourth season (imminent) with three precedents to be reviewed all in one breath, each with the merit of having largely surpassed in blood, anger, sex but also wit, political satire and sarcasm anything you have already seen. With a super villain (Patriot) who truly is the epitome of everything we can fear most, played so well that it becomes the first reason to love the show.

Fleabag (2016-2019)

Born for the theater and raised to become a television cult, Fleabag is written by and performed by Phoebe Waller-Bridgewho thanks to Prime Video distribution was able to bring his talent to the drama mixed with caustic sarcasm all over the world. Its protagonist comes out of every convention and breaks the fourth wall as never seen before. In the 5-8 minutes she is almost repelled in her frank strength and in no uncertain terms, but then she knows how to become the complicated and unique friend that we would all like by our side. Unmissable, in season 2, her duets with Andrew Scott as a priest in crisis.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017 – present)

What Mad Men does with the world of advertising, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, the most awarded Prime Video series ever, does it with television and non-television comedy. That is, cross decades of history and popular culture from the perspective of a genrein his case stand-up comedy. And it happens that the TV series that best tells this type of show is centered around – revolution! – on a female character, celebrating with her all comedians never enough spotlighted.

The man in the high castle (2015-2019)

The perfect example of the perfect adaptation from great literature to TV: The man in the high castle brought the novel to the small screen *The swastika on the sol*and by Philip K. Dick, a sci-fi tale of what our world might have become if WWII had had a different outcome. A great work of dystopia and reflection on themes such as freedom and totalitarianism interpreted by a cast in focus like few others.

The Expanse (2015-2022)

In some ways it is de The Paper House of Prime Video, in the sense that the platform has acquired the title from another production reality (SyFy) after two seasons to make it something bigger and more global. The ExpanseHowever, based on aliterary series of the same name, takes us into science fiction, indeed into deep space in a future where Earth has colonized Mars and several other planets and satellites up to the recurrence of conflicts between settlers seeking independence and their places of origin, weaker but still dominant.

Hannah (2019-2021)

Transposition to the small screen of2011 thriller film of the same name, Hannah tells the story of a baby spy that you think you are a little girl who grew up in thin air together with a father with a dangerous past and you discover the result of a CIA experiment looking for a generation of super soldiers. The story of her in search of revenge, truth and her own identity (like any teenager) is not only adventurous and terrifying, but also full of emotions, bringing the title to rival many other juvenile and non-cinema survivors (from Hunger Games to John Wick).

Homecoming (2018-2020)

With the advent of streaming services, big TV began to attract big movie stars. Homecoming marked the Julia Roberts’ first experience on the small screen for a series between mystery and investigation in two seasons on trauma related to ex-servicemen.

Reverse – The Peripheral (2022-)

Prime Videos

After Philip K. Dick it’s up to William Gibson: Prime Video resumes another great sci-fi novel to make it into a TV series, this time linked to the theme of immersive and virtual reality and with adaptation of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. For a show to lose your mind (since it somehow broadens the perception of those who see it, between time jumps and yes, possible multi-realities)

Jack Ryan (2018 -)

Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

Jack Ryan

From cinema to TV, theTom Clancy’s hacker hero also finds great success on Prime Video, where it is to interpret it John Krasinski.

The Legend of Vox Machina (2022)

In the best of the Prime Video world, there is also room for a couple of animated series. This is currently the most popular of all, directly from the universe of Dungeons & dragons.

They – Them (2021)

Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video


When choosing thehorror Prime Video focuses on its most current and disruptive key, the one inaugurated by Escape- Get Out at Cinema. Created by Little Marvin and produced by Lena Waithe, it tells the different shades of evil that racism manages to do to the people and culture of a country, also in terms of the dark pain it manages to sow in the souls of those who have suffered it for generations.

Modern Love (2019 -)

Based on ahomonymous column of New York Times, apparently collects in separate episodes, several love stories in a broad sense nowadays, to then see them merge into a single large portrait of times and feelings. Staged by an outstanding cast (starting with one Anne Hathaway as a girl with bipolar personality disorder)

Uploads (2020-)

Crete by Greg Daniels, former author for The Simpsons, The Office And Parks and Recreationthis sci-fi comedy follows the impossible love between a digital operator and his customer deceased and uploaded to a software of eternal (virtual) life in which she serves as his guardian angel and butler.

Truth Seekers (2020)

One more horror but in a comedy key, True seekers tells the extraordinary how bizarre adventures of a group of otherworldly investigators exploring haunted places by ghosts in search of the truth. Needless to say, anything goes

Undone (2019-2022)

This animated series for adults is perhaps Prime Video’s boldest and most sophisticated project. Because it deals with the theme of the unknown and mental health like no other series before, ranging from near-death experiences, mysticism and real trips and narrating everything with an animation technique, the rotoscope, which greatly humanizes the images so much that they look like realistic paintings that come alive.

Hunters (2020-2023)

Project with an almost Tarantino-like trend, Hunters recounts the exploits of an underground agency of Nazi hunters in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. With a killer Pacino.

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