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Morgan Freeman is one of the most beloved actors in the world. No wonder. She has a voice, acting skills and at the same time she is truly magnetic sympathy. Thus, we are faced with an actor who has played many wonderful roles in his life and who should be respected for his courage. So, let’s look at the films that we can evaluate by this figure. Fortunately, most of them are in the HBO Max catalog, but many others are not available on any streaming platform and can only be rented because they are several years old.

Wings of Freedom

Andrew Dufresne (Tim Robbins) is accused of murdering his wife. He is sentenced to life imprisonment. He is sent to Shosank Prison where he needs time to adjust, but when he does, he begins to make friends, winning the hearts of the inmates and staff. One of the most famous in his circle is Red (Morgan Freeman), a former mobster who went to jail for his criminal activities. Ultimately, the protagonist’s redemption will be to forgive himself and others, which will eventually lead to building a good friendship with the director of the center.

This is a tender story, truly beautiful and brutal, in which the main characters will meet and discover each other in a really difficult environment of a prison where everyone has to carry the heavy burden of their sins on their shoulders.

Critics and viewers consider it the best film.
Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman showed a colossal game.
It’s really well done thanks to the great director Frank Darabont.


A film that may seem to be dedicated to rugby, but in fact it is not at all. The plot of this film takes us to apartheid-torn South Africa, where the country’s rugby team is the basis of hope for the country’s unity. Although the Bucks were generally supported by white fans as they were considered an exclusively white sport, the black population would also become part of both the sport and the fans. For this reason, Morgan Freeman, who plays none other than Nelson Mandela, will play a key role in this story and its plot.

Directed by Clint Eastwood, as you can see, this acting tandem brought us a lot of joy in the 90s and early 2000s.

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“Seven” is a film that is difficult to describe in words. It’s a real experience, and the role played by Morgan Freeman in the film makes it even more valuable. A gray-haired inspector (Freeman) and a rookie cop (Brad Pitt) take on a very dangerous job: a hitman kills in the city. The problem is, this killer is doing it based on the seven deadly sins. The criminal will play with the main characters until we finally figure out what his intentions are.

One of the best film noir films and certainly the best film David Fincher has ever made.

Check out Seven on HBO Max.

Walk with Miss Daisy

A film about the importance of race in America. A rather obnoxious 72-year-old teacher is involved in a car accident that leaves her seriously injured. For this reason, fearing for his mother’s life, the son decides to hire a black driver to drive her. In the beginning, racial prejudices and relations between them will be very tense. However, gradually the curtain will open, and we will see one of the most beautiful films that Morgan Freeman has ever starred in.

Unfortunately, it is not available for streaming as no platform owns the rights to it.

Million dollar baby

Interestingly, this film is also one of Clint Eastwood’s best films. Although they didn’t collaborate often, the films that saw the two masters of cinema appear together in front of the camera were just incredible.

Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood are two sides of the same coin in this film. While Clint Eastwood will refuse to train women because he is a conservative who sees them as weak, Freeman will be a kind person, always ready to progress. It’s hard to talk about this movie without running into a big spoiler that ends it, so it’s interesting that whoever reads these words knows less about the movie. One thing is clear: it’s really exciting and worth it.

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With Unforgiven, we have an absolutely incredible film in front of us. It is considered the last great western in the history of cinema. No wonder: Directed by the brilliant Clint Eastwood and starring, the film takes us to a former bounty hunter who will have to lay down his weapons to complete his final mission. He is accompanied by the colossal Morgan Freeman, who plays his best friend, and the inexperienced cowboy, who travels with both through the dirty Old West.

A very delicate film that showed us, thanks to Clint Eastwood’s debut, that the actor could also be a better director, and that’s tough. A movie that if you love westerns you should watch, but even if you just love movies, you should watch it.

Check out Unforgiven on HBO Max.

Now or never

Anthony Hopkins and Morgan Freeman meet in a truly touching story with a message that wants to be very strong. Two actors play two completely different personalities, but united by a very sad fate: they contracted an incurable disease that will put an end to their lives. For this reason, one millionaire and another humble mechanic will join forces to achieve what they have yet to do in life. Thus, they will try to cross everything important off the list before saying goodbye.

A film that works thanks to the incredible performance of the two main characters. Morgan Freeman once again demonstrates an unsurpassed level in another performance that is remembered.

Unfortunately, it’s not available on any streaming platform, so it’s impossible to watch unless you rent or buy it. However, it is worth every euro.

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