“They groped my ass several times”

“They groped my ass at an Armani party. Many times. And not wanting to make a scene, out of context and out of respect for the uniform I’m wearing, I picked up my heels and left. But now I can say that I understand how a woman feels when she is being persecuted.” Marco Agostini, General Commander of Venice’s local police, first wrote about it on Facebook (the post was later deleted) and then confirmed it to the Gazzettino newspaper, which today reports it on the front page.

“I wrote this post mainly to express solidarity with the women who suffer from such actions. Now that I’ve experienced it personally, I know what it means.” Agostini was among the guests of the Giorgio Armani fashion show at the Arsenale on Saturday evening, along with the mayor of the municipality of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, and councilor Simone Venturini.

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Marco Agostini, social complaint

The invitation required a black tie, which in the case of a police officer consists not of a tuxedo, but of a full dress uniform. And along with that, the 62-year-old great officer Marco Agostini, former director general of the municipality, appeared at the Arsenale for an exclusive event with which the stylist Giorgio Armani wanted to pay tribute to the city. The first part of the evening, devoted to the fashion show, went well: the seats were distributed, the audience was carefully selected, the management was clear. The harassment occurred when the guests left Tesa number 89, where the fashion show was held, and moved to the third Tesa, number 91, where there is a bar, a music console, several sofas (very small and everyone is busy) and where the finger served food. And where, of course, there were quite a few crowds: after the show, in fact, other people were invited, there were at least 700 guests on the list. The crowd is inevitable. “It was there, at the cocktail party, that I got a pat on the butt,” Commander Agostini told the Gazzettino.

Returning home, Agostini told everything on his Facebook page. She wrote: “I had to live to be almost 63 years old to understand how a victimized woman feels when her ass is groped. In order to interrupt it, I decided to quickly move away from the event I was participating in, always keeping a smile on my lips, and not posting it just out of respect for the uniform I wear, but the temptation was strong.”

Commander’s story

Gazzettino he explained better what happened: “It was during a cocktail, I was with the mayor and others, we were talking, the crowd around was significant, when at some point they felt my ass. The first time I pretended nothing happened, I thought it was a mistake. Then the second one, which I still haven’t noticed. And then more and more. Just five.” Do you have any idea who did it? “The crowd was great, but I’m pretty sure it’s a little boy in his twenties.” Is it always the same? “I would say yes.” And he didn’t respond? “The temptation was strong, but, as I wrote, out of respect for the form I wear, I decided not to score goals.” Were you in shape at the Armani party? “I was wearing the so-called dress uniform with ranks and shoulder straps.” Have you talked to anyone? “At first no, I’m sorry, I left without giving an explanation, I talked to the mayor and other people, but I couldn’t stand anything else and didn’t want to make a scene, so there was no choice but to leave.” But he posted it on social media: why? “To express solidarity with women, the intention was just that. Now I understand how a woman feels when she is oppressed, when her ass is pawed. I just now realized this and all my sympathy belongs to women.

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