Betanzos mayor accuses Xunta of wanting to “divert attention from the root causes of the gastroenteritis outbreak”

He denied lying through a supply network, replying: “Justice will decide who lied.”

A Coruña, November 28 (European News Agency) –

María Barral, the mayor of Betanços, accused Infrastructure and Transport Minister Ethel Vázquez of wanting to “divert people’s stomach from what is happening in the city” in the face of the controversy in the municipality attention to the root causes of inflammation outbreaks.” The presence of norovirus ruled out the possibility in the Mendo River.

The head of the infrastructure linked what happened to the supply network and, based on the analysis carried out, insisted that the Mendo River did not have higher norovirus values ​​than other rivers and ruled out that this could be related to the epidemic mentioned above. .Based on technical personnel’s conclusions.

“It would be justice to finally say who lied about this, and what is clear to me is what is in the National Guard report, which includes an analysis of various aspects of Ogas de Galicia’s conduct in June. Mendo River, the waters above its basin.”

“The report is clear that norovirus is present in these sites in the Mendo River, all analyzed days and some not, so it is the province of Galicia and Ogas who are lying, their mayor Maria María Barral says that in a full-blown gastroenteritis outbreak, the root cause lies in the supply network because there is no norovirus in the river.

The first councilor recalled that during the outbreak, the city council asked Ogas de Galicia to provide river analysis reports, “but strangely, these reports never reached the city council.” “Either during the meeting The only thing that was repeated both actively and passively online and in the media was that there was no norovirus in the river water.”

“The only person who has avoided the issue throughout the outbreak has been the council member herself, who neither showed up nor called nor cared about the situation, but did so because the results of the analysis were withheld from the council so she could It goes on to say that the source is not in the river but in the supply network,” he said in a statement.

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