Beyoncé turns 42, Diana Ross unexpectedly sings “Happy Birthday” to her on stage: video

Committed to Renaissance World Tour, Beyoncé on Monday, September 4, she did not stop even for her forty second birthday. That evening she was on stage at the Sophie Stadium in Los Angeles and there received, surprisingly, an exceptional “serenade”: the “queen of disco”, seventy-nine Diana Rossjoined her on stage, sang with her Love hangoverand then he sang Happy birthday participating in a special and unexpected dedication voices of seventy thousand spectators. In 2019, the same thing happened, but with the roles changed: this is how it really happened. Beyonce sings Happy birthday Diana Ross on her seventy-fifth birthday.


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Many VIPs were present at the concert: from Justin Bieber To Adelefrom Katy Perry To Timothee Chalametwho on this occasion made his public debut with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner. It was also Kim Kardashianwho shared a video of Diana Ross and Beyonce meeting on her Instagram Stories, writing: “Birthday song from @dianaross.”

After this touching moment, Beyonce tearfully hugged the “queen of disco” and then said: “This is the legendary Diana Ross. I wouldn’t exist without you. Thank you for your sacrifice and your beauty. Thank you for opening the door for me.” Immediately after this, the pop star began a long and touching speech on the occasion of her birthday: “My soul is full. I’m so grateful I try not to cry. I’m grateful to be alive. I’m grateful to be on stage. I am pleased to look and see your faces. I’m grateful for music, for the opportunity to heal myself through music, which then heals all of you.” Beyonce continued with a very long list of thanks, a kind of prayer: “I am grateful to all of you guys who have been with me since 1997. I’m grateful for every flaw, every stretch mark. I’m grateful to be here at 42 years old.. I am grateful for the joy and thank God.”

Beyoncé and Diana Ross hug at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

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In her speech, the pop star did not forget to remember the dark moments: “I am grateful for every tear, for every year. I’m grateful for my children. I am grateful to my husband. I’m grateful for all the crap we went through.” A likely reference to the time he discovered that the rapper Jay-Z from whom she gave birth to twins Sir and Rumi, deceived. The singer was the first to talk about her husband’s betrayal, which in the 2016 album Lemonade he was finding fault with a certain “Becky with the beautiful hair.” The following year, Jay-Z himself, in a confessional interview with a magazine New York Times Style MagazineHe admitted cuckold your wife (without disclosing the name of his lover) openly spoke about the suffering that Beyoncé endured: “The hardest thing is to see the pain you caused is reflected in someone’s face and having to deal with themselves.” The two came out of it after going through “a lot of therapy.”. And now Beyoncé, 42, can say she’s “grateful” (too) for every tear she shed.

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