Big decision: Beaches closed as sea lions confirmed to be infected with bird flu

San Carlos de Bariloche – after confirmed case highly pathogenic avian influenza (HIAP) H5 Beach access among the marine mammals of San Antonio Este, Río Negro punta villarino,one of them dead sea lion.

A crisis committee formed by the municipality also decided to temporarily suspend swimming with the animals, one of the main tourist attractions in the area.Punta Villarino, an important location in the area san antonio bay nature reserveis home to a colony of South American sea lions: it is not a breeding colony, but a resting place During high tide, 70 to 90 sea lions are sheltered here every day.

Two sea lions die on an Atlantic beach in Patagonia near Viedma, in the province of Río NegroJuan Macri – Associated Press

In winter, sightings in the area also include Whales, bottlenose dolphins, dolphins, penguins, cormorants, petrels and the northwest san mathias baythe area is also recognized worldwide as a resting place migratory shorebirds, such as red knot. An estimated 50 percent of these hemispheric birds that winter in Tierra del Fuego stop at San Antonio Bay during their migration to northern breeding grounds.

Plover and common oystercatcher also nest here, while other marine and aquatic birds breed in the area, such as South American terns and kelp gulls.

on Monday, National Produce Health and Quality Service (Senasa) Three new cases of bird flu confirmed in marine mammals cla romeco and san blasin the province of Buenos Aires and the Rionegro region San Antonio East.Another case detected today in a Buenos Aires spa Major Bratovic.

Apart from these four cases, so far in grande river (In Tierra del Fuego, this was the first positive case of the species) Punta Bermeja Nature Reserve (Heihe), at Necocia (Buenos Aires), Loyola Point (Santa Cruz), at silver sea (Buenos Aires) and Puerto Piramides (Chubut).

A seabird and a sea lion were found dead on the beach in Punta Bermeja, in the province of Río NegroJuan Macri – Associated Press

“These findings come within the framework of nationwide surveillance actions and hygiene measures to prevent the disease,” Senasa said.

They also caution that detection in marine mammals will not affect animal health Self-declaration to the World Organization for Animal Health (OMSA) that Argentina is considered a Highly pathogenic avian influenza free countries in poultry.

Penguin carcasses on Punta Bermeja beachJuan Macri – Associated Press

as part of intervention agreement In these cases, we take samples and work with local authorities to identify the burial site of the suspected dead animal to avoid any type of contamination or contagion from other animals or people.

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