Billie Eilish, goodbye social: “I don’t watch them anymore”

LMulti-Grammy Award-winning ‘Bad Guy’ Singer Quits Social Media: ‘I Deleted Everything From My Phone’

Tired of the flood of comments, criticisms and likes, Billie Eilish she says enough and deletes all social media apps from her smartphone. An emblematic decision for a digital native who has fed on the Internet and who also owes her global success to the web. There seven-time Grammy winner he chose to “detox” from social media to preserve his mental balance.

“I have deleted the apps from my phone”

During the interview on the podcast “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” with his brother Finneas, the 21 year old pop star He admitted: “I deleted everything from my phone, I don’t look at it anymore. Which is a big deal for me”.

Childhood in the age of the Internet

The American singer of “Happier Than Ever” explained what it was like to grow up and train in the years of the web. “I wasn’t an iPad child, thank God– said the singer – but honestly I feel as if I grew up in the perfect time of the Internet which was not ‘so Internet’, that I didn’t have a childhood: when I was little, I did things all the time”.

Fame changed everything

“Then when I became a pre-teen, – continued the ‘Bad Guy’ singer – there were iPhones, and when I got a little older, there was everything that is today. But being a pre-teen and a teenager those were my people, on the internet I was one of them”. However, as her fame grew, Billie Eilish never found herself in that world again: “Inside me, I felt like nothing had changed, but suddenly I became an internet personality and slowly the videos I watched and the things I saw on the internet spoke to me. It sucks, it stinks, I don’t like it“.

“The web of makes you gullible”

There’s another thing about the web that “drives Billie Eilish crazy”: “How much the Internet makes you gullible”. “I believe everything I read on the web – explained the pop star -. And I know for a fact that it’s stupid and I shouldn’t do it because I have proof that it’s not all true. Almost none of this is true.” “They’re, like, little things, like little white lies that go over everyone’s head, but everyone believes them.”

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