Billions will end in season 7, but there will be several spin-offs

The series, set in the world of high finance in New York City with Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis, is set to return to the small screen with a seventh season and then several spin-offs. First six seasons Billions available on Sky Atlantic and streaming NOW.

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On February 15, 2022, the American network Showtime officially updated Billions For seventh and final season. And while the series finale is “looming,” the network is now evolving. several side effects based BillionsA: Creators Brian Koppelman and David Levien are really evolving. four potential projects. Series seventh season BillionsIt will premiere in the US on the Paramount+ streaming service starting August 11, while in Italy it will air on Sky and air on NOW, where the previous six seasons are already available.

What can we expect from the show’s seventh and final season? Billions

Seventh and final season Billions let me know British actor on the small screen Damian Lewis as “The Hatchet” Bobby Axelrod in six of the planned twelve episodes. In fact, the Lewis character was last seen in the season five finale. According to the official synopsis for Season 7, alliances formed so far will be turned upside down, old wounds will be used as weapons, and the loyalty that has developed up to this point will be tested. And as Wall Street raises the stakes, the betrayal will take on ever more epic proportions, and enemies will become wary friends.

Billions will end in season 7, but there will be several spin-offs


Billions, Damian Lewis will return for season 7

“Billions cleverly used power, money and greed”

Showtime, MTV Entertainment Studios and Paramount Media Networks Chairman and CEO Chris McCarthy stated the following:Billions deftly explored power, money and greed in a way that not only made it a huge hit, but defined its own genre thanks to the confident creative minds of (co-showrunners) Brian (Koppelman) and David (Levien). This final season is filled with incredible, complex dialogue and character dynamics that fans have come to love, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with them to soften this hit series into a global franchise“.


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Spin-offs Billions

If the seventh season Billions is final, the same does not apply to the franchise, which is actually preparing to launch several spin-offs. Last February, McCarthy himself actually stated that he had a plan to improve some of Showtime’s franchises in the face of an imminent merger with Paramount+ that would result in the birth of Paramount+ with Showtime. Affected names that are planned to expand to branches and subsidiaries: Billions But Also dexter. When Billionsbranches are being developed currently fourwith two of them (named Millions AND trillions) are targeted respectively at new financiers and at the group of ultra-rich people.

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