Bills’ Josh Allen responds to Tom Brady’s advice on playing style amid injury concerns

Buffalo Bills superstar quarterback Josh Allen and legendary former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady had a candid conversation this week about Allen’s possible Would take less risk and less football going forward.

Brady invites Allen as his guest let’s go! During the podcast, the seven-time Super Bowl champion and future Pro Football Hall of Famer expressed hope that Allen can keep his body so he can enjoy a long career (Starts at 6:45):

“Because he plays the running ball so much, I think sometimes he gets used to it and he wants to run the ball because he knows he can gain yards. There’s a lot of confidence in that. But the only thing from my perspective is, “You’re putting yourself at risk. When you put yourself in danger, it doesn’t take much for someone to fall on you and hold you back. “

Brady expanded on his thoughts, noting that while he doesn’t want Allen to stop running altogether, he wants him to be smart and safe while doing so:

“I’m glad to see Josh saving those for very special moments and special occasions to run the ball instead of running the ball on second and sixth six minutes into the game. It’s not that he doesn’t Should be running, but when he does run, damn slide, make sure no one hits you because I don’t want to see him get hurt, I want to see him out there playing because he’s such a damn stud… ” I’d like to see him play another 10 to 12 years and really see how he can maximize his potential. “

Allen said that while he understands and largely agrees with Brady’s sentiments, he also finds it difficult to stop himself from risking his life in the name of winning football games:

“He’s right, I’m not saying he’s wrong, but you can get hurt in the pocket just as much as you can get hurt outside of the pocket. That’s my only warning about it… You’ve got to earn it A game of football, sometimes that requires me to do things like put my life on the line for my teammates because of how much I love my teammates and how much I see them working their butts off too. … That’s what flipped me “It’s hard to turn it off because I care so much about winning football games and sometimes that can lead to a little bit more risk than reward. “

Brady went on to joke that Allen reminded him of his youngest son, Jack, in that he likes to do things his own way.

Since Buffalo drafted Allen out of Wyoming with the seventh overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, he has developed into one of the most dynamic and productive quarterbacks in the NFL.

In his first five seasons, Allen led the Bills to four playoff appearances and three AFC East titles, with his ability to run the ball a big part of his success.

In his first five seasons as a pro, Allen averaged more than 617 yards per game and nearly 8 yards per season, making him one of the most prolific running quarterbacks in NFL history.

Of course, Allen also has a huge arm and has done a lot of damage as a passer over the years, throwing for 20,562 yards, 155 touchdowns and 68 interceptions in 85 career games.

Through eight games this season, Allen has been more efficient than ever, leading the NFL with a career-high completion rate of 71.7 percent.

He’s also running less and currently has 77 carries for 402 yards, both career lows. However, he is on pace to hit a career high in rushing touchdowns, as he already has five rushing touchdowns.

Allen, who hasn’t missed a game in the past five seasons, pointed out to Brady that the only time he missed a game was during his rookie season when he was hit and injured while throwing at UCL.

Considering it’s a huge weapon and he’s never been seriously injured while using it, it’s unlikely that Allen will exhaust his arsenal, but in his sixth NFL season, he’s become Be more selective.

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