The Mature Celebrities We Envy Most (And All the Tricks to Achieve Their Looks)

Is 60 the new 40? Given the recent public appearances of certain established actors, we have to confirm that it is. Names like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Patrick Dempsey and Tom Cruise continue to make headlines for their well-preserved properties despite decades in front of the silver screen.Of course, you also did not refuse to search his age on Wikipedia and surprisingly confirmed Are or will be in their sixties.

They all have one thing in common: they are handsome when they are young and remain so when they mature.Although genetics have a lot to do with it, and being committed to being an artist requires maintaining a good image, the fact is that in many cases Beauty touch-ups are the real secret to beauty Make them look the same today as they did twenty years ago.

A well-defined chin, a complete lack of bags and dark circles under the eyes, smooth and flawless skin, no sagging or just the right amount of wrinkles… are the most enviable beauty features for men of this generation.Although some of them, like George Clooney, admitted to going through the hands of a surgeon, in most cases They are usually less transparent.

The great thing about all this is that you don’t have to be a Hollywood actor to look like this. Learn which aesthetic medicine treatments can achieve these results, Any mature man can do it. So, in THE OBJECTIVE, we talked to the experts to determine the best ways to delay the signs of aging in men past their 50s.

chiseled chin

Patrick Dempsey is the perfect example Maintain a chiseled jawline and facial oval shape 57 years old. This can be achieved through a special protocol designed by Dr. Victoria Páez and Dr. Andrés Bernete, which they call the “Funky Chin.”

Mature actor Patrick Dempsey (57) has a perfect chin.  (Source: Instagram)
Actor Patrick Dempsey (57) has a perfect chin. (Source: Instagram)

This technology includes Penetration of cross-linked hyaluronic acid Designed to sculpt the face and re-establish the oval volume of the face. This system achieves great results because, thanks to its innovative technology, it blends perfectly into the facial tissue, thus maintaining the natural expression of the face. “The goal is for the treatment to be undetectable and just make the appearance more masculine,” says Dr. Páez.

liquid lighting

We must forget a time when skin tightening surgeries performed on both men and women could only achieve static and very unnatural results.Mature men need therapy to get Arrive at results step by step so as not to arouse suspicion. Ellansé Collagen Inducer is one of the systems that achieves this goal.

Antonio Banderas (63 years old) maintains a youthful appearance.  (Source: Gtres)
Antonio Banderas (63 years old) maintains a youthful appearance. (Source: Gtres)

this is authentic lifting A liquid suitable for those who love nature, It neither adds volume nor changes facial expression.. Dr. José Rossi, expert in aesthetic medicine, explains to us in detail everything that this product can achieve. «This collagen inducer has an immediate traction effect. Its most interesting effect is to stimulate the cells themselves to produce collagen over the next three months,” the expert explains. After the first three months, the peak is reached, and these results can be maintained for up to two years.

Another advantage is that, depending on whether we want to beautify or rejuvenate the face, the same product Can be applied in different ways. If we want to rejuvenate the skin and make it firm again, the doctor will apply it on a medium surface. In this way, the depth of wrinkles can be improved and acne scars can also be improved. To restore lost volume, or for mature men who never had volume, it is applied to the deeper layers of the bone. Because of this quality, it is highly recommended to be able to show off new cheekbones.

Say goodbye to eye bags and dark circles

Retouching by Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise is almost negligible. To achieve their look, we can assume that they undergo some cosmetic medical treatment or they undergo the popular blepharoplasty procedure. Dermatologist Paloma Borregón explains the minimally invasive process to achieve these results. “Due to its special density, MaiLi Precise is a filler that provides a solution for the eye area, giving the eyes a rest and improving dark circles and eye bags.” This product is ideal as it is rich in hyaluronic acid acid, and is designed specifically for Smoothes the tiniest wrinkles and combats dark circles Achieve long-lasting results.

Tom Cruise (61) still maintains his iconic look.  (Source: Gtres)
Tom Cruise (61) still maintains his iconic look. (Source: Gtres)

The product is injected manually from the cheek area through a cannula. This is the only way to gradually get rid of your dark circles.Most of the product should be applied to the most recessed areas Avoid lumps or future complications. Of course, these injections must be administered by a doctor trained in the treatment.

Effect of tension lines

Thread tightening is ideal for mature men who want to re-volume and rejuvenate their face naturally.if we take celebrity For example, George Clooney would be a perfect model.One of the great things about these threads is that Prevent facial puffiness This is one of the consequences of the alternatives.

George Clooney (62) is one of the adults who has admitted to undergoing beauty treatments.  (Source: Gtres)
George Clooney (62) admits to having undergone plastic surgery. (Source: Gtres)

For Dr. Carmen Ayestarán, these tension threads are the best recommendation for such men because There is no risk of transparency through the skin Just like what might happen with other solutions. “They’re great for the impatient because their cones anchor to the tissue for greater traction, and the results are immediate,” the doctor explains.

They are inserted into the subcutaneous tissue and, in addition, they accelerate the formation of new collagen, thus Will fight sagging in the long run. After a while, our bodies completely reabsorb these threads so there are no more of them left. Ideally, three are placed on each side, “using a parallel pattern to immediately reposition the tissue when the nasolabial folds are very pronounced.” Other benefits include improving the appearance of the neck, elevating the mandibular margin, and restoring skin tone.

Chin is stronger

As the years go by, the chin Loses clarity and volume and tends to recede. Dr. Caicedo, a specialist in cosmetic and anti-aging medicine, uses MaiLi to reshape the face in the most harmonious way and re-emphasize the chin to restore its youthful shape.

This is a treatment approach that is tailored to each patient as we consider their anatomy, pay close attention to the outcome we want, and work hard to achieve that goal.Using this product you will get Give the middle area more shadow and padding And, as you move away from that core, less product penetrates.

baby skin

Maintaining the same skin quality as you did when you were 30 is a complex task, but it’s not impossible.The key is Stimulates natural collagen production Because this will help reposition the tissue and restore firmness to the face. To achieve this, experts recommend that we turn to Ellansé.

Brad Pitt (59) will celebrate his 60th birthday in December.  (Source: Gtres)
Brad Pitt (59) will celebrate his 60th birthday in December. (Source: Gtres)

In addition to these benefits, Dr. Carlos Morales Raya also mentions other benefits for mature male facial skin. «Due to skin redensification, small wrinkles and expression lines are smoothed.In addition to providing brightness, the overall texture has also been improved,” explains the doctor. So far, it is The most effective cosmetic treatments to re-densify skinas it goes beyond thickening to provide extra juiciness and smoothness.

If your ID says you’re approaching 60, you already know that cosmetic medicine can offer you the best treatments to erase decades of disfigurement.

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