Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus’s father, was 32 years younger than him.

Billy Ray Cyrus, acclaimed country singer father of singer and actress Miley Cyrusstarring at the wedding ceremony this Tuesday next to her promise to Australian singer Firerose.

La pareja, what announced a compromise a year ago, finally exchanged voices in an intimate celebration celebrated on the most desirable evenings.

Although the couple has chosen to keep a low profile in social circles, they have shared several photos highlighting the gold brooch in their relationship.

In a joint post on Instagram, they wrote: “10.10.23 will always be a wonderful and happy day when our souls unite. like one in holy matrimony. It was the most perfect and ethereal celebration of love we could ever imagine.”

Firerose wore a white Lauras Boutique & Bridal dress with a V-neck skirt and accent details that went all the way down to the muniec. Her loose hair, styled in light waves, was crowned with a wide veil of hair.

Billy Ray, on the other hand, opted for classic elegance: a black suit and white shirt. His signature hair and large beard completed his look, highlighted by unshaven locks.

Billy Ray Cyrus and his show Firerose

The couple shared the moment the husband and wife announced, describing it as “A sacred moment in which we began our new life forever. Long live love!

However, this union was not without controversy, especially due to the difference in titles between Billy Ray Cyrus and Fairrosa. The couple announced their engagement just six months after the singer consummated his 29-year marriage to Tish, the mother of his five sons. The relationship was not taken well by some, including Miley Cyrus, the artist’s daughter.

Despite marital differences, the couple met happily and sealed their love with a ceremony they described as perfect. While some of Billy Ray’s boys acted differently in the midst of family troubles.The couple hopes this new chapter will be a brilliant moment of reconciliation.

The fan community is eagerly awaiting the release of more details and photos of the ceremony and reception, hoping that this union will be a new beginning for the Cyrus family.

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