Gkay meme after I fantasized about Miley Cyrus at a party: “Don’t I have a friend who could tell me?” – Hobby

Fantasy for the holiday by Lukas Rangel, which can be bought online Montagem R7/Reproduction Instagram/YouTube Gkay follows the bend always assumed it looked like nas redes sociais, and what hasn’t changed is what the monster looked like at the party hosted by fellow influencer Lucas … Read more

Did you know that Jennifer Lawrence once turned down Justin Bieber after he called her “cute”? Here’s how the Hunger Games star reacted

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Miley Cyrus’s ‘Flowers’ remains Britain’s most popular song of 2023

— (Photo: Vijat Mohindra/NBC via Getty Images) Vijat Mohindra/NBC via Getty Images As the final months of 2023 approach, Miley Cyrus’ hit single ‘Flowers’ continues to hold its position as the UK’s most played song of the year, at least so far. The Official Charts … Read more