Biopic of Elvis Presley’s wife ‘Priscilla’

priscillafilm telling the love story between Elvis Presley and wife priscillaWill arrive in October. There A 24A film distribution and production house has released the video which speculates the plot of the work. Written and Directed by sofia coppolaNew feature film comes after one year Elvisbiopic of baz luhrmannTogether Austin Butler And Tom Hanks, There are many differences between the two films. First, Sofia Coppola focuses precisely on Presley’s wife: a woman who has always lived in the shadows, influenced by her husband’s ‘overwhelming’ image.

“The real focus of the film”, says the director bling rings Described the hero of his work. Coppola said, “Priscilla is the quintessential glamorous icon – a symbol of American society, just as important as her husband”. “Baz is unique and her performance as Priscilla was special – said Coppola – although I’m glad it didn’t go too deep into her story, because then I could really immerse myself in it.” “Priscilla has a cameo in that film – added the director on the rocks – So I think it would be interesting to have another interpretation with a different point of view.

the film adaptation of the biopic is elvis and me – 1985 book co-written by Priscilla Presley with herself Sandra Harmon. Also, while on the set of ElvisAustralian was supposed to play the female character Olivia DeJongIn priscilla will be the hero cali spanny, American actress and singer. Ahead, Austin Butler – as a rock star in Luhrmann’s film – this time to be replaced Jacob Elordi, Sofia Coppola said, “Elordi is a sweet and humble person – he has incredible charisma and magnetism”.

In the new biopic, the point of view is, of course, Priscilla herself: she will tell about her first meeting with Elvis and how, step by step, their relationship has developed. As told by the webzine pitch forkThe film describes “the unseen side of Elvis Presley’s long and tumultuous marriage to Priscilla”. Diversity It stated that: “The film may be presented in its world premiere at the next Venice Film Festival, scheduled from 30 August to 9 September”. soundtrack will be edited by wonderThe band, led by Sofia Coppola’s husband, Thomas Mars,

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