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In Vayu, an Arawak language spoken in northwest Venezuela, where jewelry designer Cynthia Vilchez Castiglioni grew up, “alita” is a word that indicates something or an “important thing.” On the other hand, it is impossible to imagine a better name for the eponymous Made in Italy jewelry brand, which adorns the heroes of its collections in pearls, daisies, apples, rackets, mushrooms, skates, picnic baskets, rabbits and various precious stones. sees Be the initiator of a story to tell. Featuring a minimalist, elegant and fun aesthetic, Alita is also known for using a particularly ethical and sustainable approach. As stated in the section “Responsible Practices”, “Responsible Practices”, Cynthia Vilchez Castiglioni’s brand, in addition to “choosing to produce in Italy using high-end certified materials”, is “empowering women, giving them To encourage you to pursue your dreams”. And encourage them to find their niche in areas with less female participation as well”. Notably, all production processes leading to the creation of Alita Jewels, from production to packaging, are handmade and sustainable.

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