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b3rd box: Barcelona expands on the universe started by the film starring Sandra Bullock on Netflix. An entity that destroys the world has arrived in Barcelona and a father is ready to do anything to save his daughter.

Comes exclusively to Netflix movie Bird Box: Barcelona, sci-fi drama with thriller elements. From the same manufacturers of the phenomenon bird box starring Sandra Bullock (movie always available on Netflix), Bird Box: Barcelona an expansion of the universe that mesmerized viewers in 2018.

The story revolves around Sebastian, who, as a mysterious force wipes out the world’s population, must embark on a survival journey on the deserted streets of Barcelona. As he forges uneasy alliances with other survivors and makes his way to the sanctuary, a threat emerges far more sinister than the creatures have ever seen.

Plot of the film

Bird Box: Barcelonathe movie offered by Netflix is ​​a continuation of the story bird box and happens at the same time. Unlike the film with Sandra Bullock (which is not here), it is not based on a Josh Malerman novel, even if it is in the atmosphere to which it belongs.

So, welcome back to the tale of life in the dark. A mysterious creature has arrived on Earth, and its evil energy makes people take their own lives. Those who survived must turn their backs on him or they will suffer the same fate. In its journey across planet Earth, the entity has already wiped out much of the Spanish city of Barcelona.

In a post-apocalyptic scenario, Sebastian and his daughter Anna cross the city in search of shelter. They are forced to do this while blindfolded so as not to succumb to the power of the entity. Although they join a group of blindfolded strangers who seem harmless, an even more nefarious threat looms over their heads.

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Main characters

Let’s find out together who these characters are bringing to life the harrowing struggle for survival in a Netflix movie. Bird Box: Barcelona.

Mario is a former engineer. He is one of the few survivors who managed to move through the deserted streets of Barcelona. He is overprotective of his daughter Anna and will do anything to keep her safe.

Anna is Sebastian’s little daughter. Before the apocalypse, he loved skating and spending time with his family. However, now she lives in the shadow of her parent, ready to protect her from all the dangers that surround her.

  • Claire (Georgina Campbell)

Claire was once a psychiatrist in England. So much has changed in her life that she joined a group of survivors sleeping in an old bomb shelter. She is fiercely protective of Sofia, who was separated from her mother as Barcelona descended into total chaos.

8-year-old German tourist Sofia orphaned. None of the group of survivors speak her language, but Claire has taken her under her wing and is keeping her safe.

Before the world collapsed, Octavio moved from Mexico to Barcelona. However, he struggled to find work as his doctorate was not recognized in Spain. He, too, lives in a bomb shelter with Claire, Sophia, and a handful of other survivors whom they deem trustworthy.

  • Father Esteban (Leonardo Sbaraglia)

In the past, Father Esteban served as a priest at Anna’s Catholic elementary school. However, he has now dedicated his life to a much more sinister purpose.

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