double edged death

double edged death Ann Perry, Mondadori 2023.

“Young lawyer Daniel Pitt worries about his friend and colleague Toby Kitteridge, who is over an hour late, which is unusual for him. So when the police knock on his office, the first thought is Toby. In fact, there was a dead person there, and the corpse had Daniel’s business card in his jacket pocket. However, once in the morgue, when the coroner lifts the bloodied sheet, Danielle can breathe a sigh of relief despite the macabre sight. Although his face is disfigured by various stab wounds, possibly a sword, and a terrible wound on his neck, the corpse is still identified … and it’s not Toby! This is another lawyer, Jonah Drake, senior at the law firm. His body was found in the slums of London’s East End… wearing Toby Kitteridge’s coat.”

Among other things, it seems that death occurred around two in the morning, but because what he was doing at this time in such a dangerous area, by the way, not far from the kingdom of Jack the Ripper twenty-eight years ago? And why was he wearing Kitteridge’s coat? These are the first questions that spring up spontaneously, and the case must be solved quickly before it wreaks havoc on Fford Croft & Gibson’s studio at Lincoln’s InnFields, where young Daniel works with boss Marcus Fford Croft, colleague Toby Kitteridge, and the late assistant Hobson. . For this reason, two interesting murder cases are under investigation followed by Drake: the first against one Lionel Person, accused of strangling the wife of a business competitor, leading to a jury trial; the second against Evan Faber, the son of the wealthy and powerful Erasmus, the largest shipbuilder in England, accused of beating a thirty-five-year-old woman, found not guilty and never found the killer.

But the killings didn’t stop. Another one similar to the previous one will take place in which the murdered man is still in Mile End lane with a calling card from Daniel! To which will be added a fourth with other characteristics. Are they related to each other?…

A difficult case, very difficult for Daniel Pitt and his colleagues at work, to which Thomas’s father, the head of homeland security and the help of private investigator Roman Blackwell will be added separately. In the middle are some obscure transfers of money made by the deceased from one studio account to another. For what? Bribe someone? And perhaps Chief Marcus Fford Croft knew something about it…

A truly hopeless and heartbreaking situation will be with the kidnapping of Mrs. Charlotte, Thomas’s wife and Daniel’s mother. Almost certainly to stop an investigation from someone in a high position who also bribed the police. And then there is pathos, and fear, and courage, and strength to fight together against power, movement and ups and downs, including some unforeseen kinship. But it will be a drawing, a simple drawing of a jeweled locket that Drake left among his papers, which will help a lot.

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