This is La Mona Jiménez after emergency surgery: touching video recorded by daughter in hospital

Watch a video of La Mona Jiménez in the hospital. (Video Instagram/jimenez_delseri) (Photo: Sepia Photography)

On Tuesday, it was reported that Mona Jimenez emergency surgery required because of severe abdominal pain. After the news got a lot of attention from fans, the first photo of the artist in the hospital was released today.

The singer’s daughter Natalia took to social media to share a touching video in which her father can be seen lying on a stretcher during his recovery.also in clip You can see how she holds the quartet idol’s hand and they start dancing.

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“Let’s dance” You can also see the musician doing the famous steps he invented with his hands and has become a registered trademark for his recitals, he wrote in the post.Ramona’s attitude suggests she’s recovered, but otherwise Only serum was visible on his arm.

Emotional video from the clinic. (Source: capture instagram/jimenez_delseri)

Another daughter of the Cordoba family, Lorena, wrote on Instagram that when she learned that her father was ill, her reaction was: “I was in the school meeting. The alarm bells went off. I left, I here i see you Acute gastroenteritis. Acute gastritis, sudden onset and destruction. But things are not that simple, time will help us! Life drives you, we take out the broken glass. Cheers and thanks for making it to Pachamama today. I love you”.

The family also explained that Ramona Jimenez has not been discharged from the hospital, but stressed that her condition is going well.

Family Statement Regarding Ramona’s Health

this tuesday, Carlos “Ramona” Jimenez He was taken to hospital and underwent emergency surgery follow the mighty stomach ache This leads to him making a bad move. His son Cali posted on social networks to bring reassurance to all Cordoba’s followers. “my dad is fine’, he assured.

He added: “A while ago he had an operation done because it resulted in him having surgery. Severe abdominal pain from poor physical activity“.

Ramona Jimenez undergoes emergency surgery as her children move to ask about their health: / Photo Instagram

Moments before Carly’s statement, The daughter of the quartet king, Lorena Jiménez, posted a tender photo in which several hands can be seen next to her father’s. And the phrase “Together Forever”.

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