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It has been available on Netflix since last week. Bird box Barcelonaspanish spin-off 2018 movie With Sandra Bullock (SEE TRAILER). However, the actress does not appear in the film and in an interview expansion of the Central Bank, co-director Alex Pastor revealed that his cameo was never considered. That’s because:

I don’t think it was ever talked about. The beauty of this expansion of the franchise was that we had absolute freedom to do whatever we wanted. We weren’t bound by the original film, except to play by the rules of the world and make sure Bird box Barcelona corresponds to what happened in the first chapter. But beyond that, we had the freedom to create an original story that could exist on its own, and that was one of the things that attracted us as filmmakers to the project, the idea that you don’t have to see bird box original to enjoy this movie to be honest. I think it helps. I think if you saw the first bird box you probably have the most complete picture and maybe that makes it more enjoyable, but (Barcelona) is also a stand-alone film.

Here is the synopsis of Bird Box Barcelona:

The creators of the worldwide phenomenon Bird Box present BIRD BOX BARCELONA, the expansion of the universe that mesmerized viewers in 2018. As a mysterious force wipes out the world’s population, Sebastian must find his way to safety on the deserted streets of Barcelona. As he forges uneasy alliances with other survivors and makes his way to the hideout, an unexpected threat appears, far more sinister than the creatures ever seen.

What do you think? Would you like to see a cameo by Sandra Bullock in Bird box Barcelona? Leave a comment!

SOURCE: expansion of the Central Bank

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