Bird flu hits more than 20 farms in Arbourne, Tarragona

boundary 22 farms and 180 self-consumption Cases of bird flu due to Deltebre and El Perello (Tarragona), the Ministry of Climate Action reported to “Europa Press”.

“There are more cases and more infected wild birds so we are more vigilant about this situation,” they explained, although they continue to view the current situation as normal. In addition, the government stressed that the farms are aware that they are a “passage area” for birds and are taking the necessary measures to avoid contagion and that the virus will not spread to “birds on the farm”.

The ministry has sent an email to the department requesting precautionary measures taken.

here is the action agreement

The protocol stipulates that when a case of bird flu is detected, the protocol is activated within a 10-kilometer zone around the location of the birds.

Another measure the farm must take is 30-day preventive measures Communication from Doubt. These restrictions include prohibiting the use of Anseriformes and Sauriformes as hunting bait; prohibiting the mixing of ducks and geese with other birds, and prohibiting the production and rearing of free-range poultry.

Catalan bird flu

The bird flu outbreak in Catalonia is “in the normal range”, according to the Catalan Ministry of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda. It was detailed in a report Tuesday after learning of different wild bird cases that had tested positive for bird flu in recent days.

The Catalan administration claimed that “the disease is widespread throughout Europe, even reaching epidemic proportions, so the detection of bird deaths is no exception.”

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