Mermaid effect sandals: the sexiest shoes

Mermaid effect sandals, sensual shoes that open the foot

Every time I walk around town in a pair of white Gucci by Tom Ford strappy heels with eraser heels and a deep instep, I feel unstoppable. Powerful! Sensual! Just the sound of that click and the sight of the thin yet durable strap that accentuates the back of the ankle makes me feel capable of sneaking into any situation. In a sea of ​​sexy summer shoes dotted the streets of New York City, where hordes of well-groomed bare feet unfurl in strappy or ankle strap sandals, my gorgeous sandals exude undeniable charm.

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Sexy movie sandals

I’m not the only one who likes these shoes. On the big screen, these shoes appear in truly fantastic scenes, always with erotic overtones. IN unfaithful loveIncorrect (2002) and in the basic Instinct (1992) – both made by costume designer Ellen Mirojnik – sandals soaked in sex. IN Incorrect Diane Lane plays Connie, a miserable and sexy Connecticut housewife who is in a relationship with a suave Frenchman named Paul (Olivier Martinez) who lives in downtown New York. As Connie prepares to meet Soho’s glamorous, loving husband Ed (Richard Gere) in her upper-class country home, she looks down at the floor and sees two shoes Connie has tucked away beside her chair: a classic pleated neckline and a black Dolce&Gabbana heel strap with leopard print insole. At this point, Ed realizes that Connie is about to have a heated match. A few scenes later, Connie has relentless sex with Paul in the bathroom of the now-closed Café Noir.

Because they are so seductive

The seductive power of sandals is even more evident in the basic Instinct. Remember the iconic moment when Katherine Tramell (Sharon Stone), interrogated by a series of movie detectives at the police station, flashes her crotch? Katherine, who epitomizes murder and orgasm, wears dazzling white sandals paired with a crisp white dress. These people are in his power and his sandals. This becomes apparent after the moment when Katherine spreads her legs and wiggles her leg slightly: even if we do not see her completely, we can imagine how the heel of the shoe hits the heel softly and playfully. It reminds me of a kitten pawing at a dangling ball of yarn.

Why do the sexiest women always wear sandals? The reason is that the shoe opens the foot. A small strap with its thin but firm heel support warns that the foot needs to be taken care of. (Imagine going on a date with a shell-like heel… well, don’t.) Sandals ask questions: do you have clean heels? Is the foot wet? And how soft is the leather? The heel itself says a lot about how a woman takes care of herself. Finally, heeled sandals emphasize the imagination of a woman carefully preparing for a date. And there’s nothing sexier than the thought of a woman taking the time to get her heels smooth as butter.

Siren effect from sandals

And there is also the effect of the siren shoes. When I walk, the sandals quickly crunch like a dry slap on the cheek. While we were having dinner with two friends living in shabby bums, my friend and makeup artist Emily Schubert, who drives a spiked ’88 red sports car and carries only one key (!) the intoxicating charm of sandals. “They are like ankle bells,” Emily told our two fans, “an auditory experience. They combine the click of a high heel with the flip of a flip-flop. They announce your arrival and your departure. This is not the determined, militaristic step of an armed stiletto or the soft slapping of rubber slippers. Rather, the sound of sandals is teasing, cheerful, but constant.

An unusual editorial that appeared in the March 1990 issue of the magazine. Fashion represents the shoe and perhaps explains its appeal. The image, created by Polly Mellon, shows an elegantly outstretched hand, one of which is covered in gold jewelry, and she holds a shimmering tangerine anvil-heeled sandal. The shoes are in disarray, but the model holds them lightly with her index finger, as if they were panties. The whole look seems to whisper “Come here.” And you can almost hear the click coming off the pages.

The best sandals to invest in now

Jennifer Chamandi

Jennifer Chamandi

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