Bird flu kills at least 25 sea lions•

infection Avian Influenza in the colonies sea ​​lion from port silver sea produced At least 25 samples diedin the last few hours they Some of them were found lifeless on various beaches in the cityPrecautions were taken to avoid contact with humans or pets, official sources reported today.

The remains of this marine mammal (Otaria flavescens) were found floating in the water mirror of a local shipping pier as well as ashore Located in different areas such as La Perla, Varese, Punta Iglesias, Playa Popular, Playa Grande and Acantilados.

As of Monday, 25 sea lions had died, according to the National Produce Health and Quality Service (Senasa).

In addition, they stated Dozens of animals were found to have symptoms consistent with the disease, such as nervous disturbances or seizures.

The agency confirmed infection with highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5 last Friday after analyzing samples at the National Reference Laboratory in the town of Martínez in Buenos Aires.

Stuffed sea lions killed by bird flu.

Based on this confirmation, access is closed to the south breakwater area of ​​the port, which is Mar del Plata colony, home to around 500 animals.

In view of the presence of remains on the beach in the past few hours, Senasa launched an operation with the Mar del Plata Regional Port Union and the Civil Protection to remove or bury the remains in situ, in case they were untouched sites.

On beaches such as Popular, Varese or Playa Grande, the area where the dead specimens were located was cordoned off to prevent people or pets from touching them.

Official sources said, “Death and symptoms are especially pronounced in juvenile animals“, he reached the local colony in his final days.

Senasa reiterates its recommendation “Do not handle dead animals or animals with suspicious symptoms

Avian influenza among sailors has also been reported in recent days in the neighboring town of Necochea; Villarino, south of Puerto Blanca; Puerto Loyola (Santa Cruz), Videmar (Rio Negro ), Puerto Piramides (Chubut) and the coastal protected area of ​​the Tierra del Fuego city of Rio Grande.

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