Mitchel Musso: Hannah Montana actor arrested

mMany remember him for his role as Oliver Oken in the series. Hanna Montananear Miley Cyrus. After this experience Mitchel Musso continued his path as an actor and singer. However, in recent hours, we are talking about him not because of the release of the record or the character to whom he gave his face, but because of his to arrest which left many fans of the Disney Channel series speechless.

Miley Cyrus, the most beautiful images of pop rock icon

Miley Cyrus, the most beautiful images of pop rock icon

Mitchel Musso: chaos after stealing a bag of chips

Saturday, August 26 Musso was arrested in Rockwall, Texas.. He revealed the details .tmz extensionwho cited direct police sources. According to the post, Musso would have picked up a bag of chips at the hotel where he was staying.. Refusing to pay him, he verbally attacked some people in the facility and left screaming.

At this point, the hotel managers would have called the police, who, upon arriving at the entrance to the building, would have found Mitchel Musso visibly shaken, probably under the influence of alcohol. Arrest could also work because the Rockwall police would have found some outstanding warrants regarding some of the actor’s recent activities.

Mitchel Musso and Miley Cyrus on June 5, 2009 in Los Angeles. (Getty Images)

Mitchel Musso is out of jail

Always second .tmz extension in fact, Mitchel Musso is accused of many crimes. The actor faces charges of public intoxication, theft (less than $100) and failure to present a driver’s license. Then in the past he had already been given a 36-month suspended sentence after being pulled over in a car while intoxicated in 2011 in California.. At that time, he was forced to take some anti-alcohol courses and pay a large fine.

Thus, for the 32-year-old actor, such facts are not new. But, as reported, he would have been out of jail by now after payment $1,000 bail pending trial.

Disney Life

Mitchel Musso’s career began in Disney World and continued there. In fact, especially among the smallest, he became famous thanks to the game – in the series Hanna MontanaOliver Okenmain character’s best friendMiley Cyrus).

This role propelled him forward four seasons. And he brought it up again in the film. Hannah Montana: The Movie2009. Following his successful participation, Musso also starred in a Disney series. Pair of kings (the first two seasons), and in 2012 he presented the reality show star jokes.


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