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he Coronavirus is here to stay possible never disappeartherefore Vaccines against Covid-19 still in development recently announced New enhanced formulatitle bivalent vaccinebecause they are immune to original strainreturn Known as “Wuhan”targeting the Chinese city where the virus emerged, and targeting the current omicron variant,e has been used in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and other countries And in 27 countries in the European Union.

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so that bivalent vaccine are those Protects the body against two antigensunlike vaccines Used around the world and is still in application, considered unit pricethat is, they are only for Original virus.

According to research, new bivalent booster vaccine is designed so that immune system believe Antibody be opposed to Two different types of Covid-19 viruses in the same application.

Until now Bivalent vaccine only against Covid-19 approved for its uses in humansan adapted version of the vaccine Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 and Modern Spikevax.

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The bivalent vaccine is just a booster dose

considering bivalent vaccine This is boosterthose who have not been vaccinated Complete solution number of vaccines Fighting Covid-19 Started to manage everyone exist December 2020you must do so before receiving this message Extra dose.

and above It is understood that New vaccine won’t replace first ones, then what is original yes Complete preliminary outline Then yes it is possible Apply this bivalent vaccine Strengthen one of two laboratories They have been approved.

arrive almost two years about what Vaccination begins and because of the dominant Omic variantthe laboratory was commissioned Design updated version,because Coronavirus is here to stay The vaccine is expected to target Coronavirus disease It will eventually become annual.

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What are bivalent booster vaccines made of?

Very modern like pfizer developed bivalent vaccine That’s already Currently applying we are here to tell you what do they consist of,It also Updated call.

per dose Pfizer original vaccine be opposed to Coronavirus disease Include 30 mcg Torzina Morana substance Act on RNAwithin 0.3 Milliliters of liquid Now Second price version return Contains 30 mcgYes, although in this case 15 micrograms Designed for Wuhan strain and others omicron is 15 micrograms.

As far as he is concerned, Moderna formulated compoundseach Dosage per unit price product Contains 50 micrograms of elastomer 0.5ml that points to initial virusat the same time he Updated boosters Include 25 micrograms for each variant.

he Updated boosters of Pfizer/BioNTech at present Authorized for use by persons over 12 years of age as well as modern For those older than 18 yearsat the same time USA As in U.K.

It is worth mentioning that, US approves bivalent vaccine designed to target omicron lineages BA.4 and BA.5although it covers previous variant.inside U.K. It was approved previous version against Omicron lineage BA.1.

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What is a bivalent vaccine?

Speaking of viruses, Cause Covid-19,A bivalent vaccineincluding a components of the original virus strain provide a Broad protection against Covid-19 and a component Omic variant Provides better protection caused by omicron variants.These are called Bivalent vaccine against Covid-19 Because they contain both components.

this bivalent vaccine can help prevent serious illnesswas hospitalized and died due to Coronavirus The virus changes and his immunity Decrease naturally over time, you may lose some protection. A Widely used bivalent vaccine In Latin America it is anti-human papillomavirus (HPV), designed for type HPV-16 and HPV-18.

return exist those considered unit pricethat is to say Design only and in this case only object Original Covid-19 virus. vaccine trivalent influenza (split, inactivated virus) suitable for active immunity caused by influenza go through specific strains of flu virus.

this quadrivalent vaccine be opposed to influenza (Flu) is designed to provide protection for four different types of flu virus: two viruses Influenza A and Two influenza B viruses. Although the pentavalent vaccine is suitable for children and prevents diphtheria, Effects of whooping cough, tetanus, and hepatitis B type B or polio, depending on its formulation.

also, Vaccines can be multipurposewhich means they can be Designed for a variety of strains Even a few disease.

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Countries that have implemented bivalent booster vaccines against Covid-19

between some countries where Bivalent booster against Covid-19 are those U.K.where it was originally made mid august and use New formula developed by Moderna for your vaccine Messenger RNA.

The United States follows Since the last day of Augustused under license Updated Moderna Vaccine and Pfizer/BioNTechwhich also uses Messenger RNA technologya few days later he began administer them to the general population.

Later too Canada Approved Moderna updates and enhancements against him Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

recent, European Medicines Agency Recommended Use Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine updates inside 27 countries in the European Union,Depend on European Commission in the coming days.

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Mexico will not use vaccine Bivalent anti-Covid-19

although Other countries are at the forefront of new booster vaccine To protect its inhabitants, in our country New vaccination campaign this year It will take place in October, but so far, mexican government Not consider Use bivalent vaccines.

Hugo Lopez GettelDeputy Minister of Health, recent statements Talk about the government Vaccine brand has not yet been determined This will be applied, but the activity will Target vulnerable groups population, e.g. people Over 60 years oldpeople and chronic disease (diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc.); pregnant women and Pregnant people.

this girls, boys and teens will not be considered COVID-19 vaccination campaignthis is because according to Lopez Gettle,proposed a Low risk of complications During the epidemic.

López Gatell commented mexican government Application will not be considered bivalent vaccine against this disease because World Health Organization (World Health Organization) has not formulated Recommendations to support certain types of vaccines and think first created vaccine They are still valid.

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According to Lopez GatelIs a Business desire to sell your productrefers to the company that produces bivalent vaccines Coronavirus diseasewhich is good for Prove that the Mexican government Won’t use these creature type Next October.

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