Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson doesn’t understand why character was ‘abandoned’

Dwayne Johnson he still can’t figure out what happened to Black Adam and why Warner Bros and DC abandoned him after the movie’s release. The actor appeared in the new edition of Kevin Hart’s talk show, “Heart to Heart”, on “Peacock”, recorded before the strike, and, looking back at the tape, expressed bewilderment why the movie will not continue.

Before listening to the actor’s words, it’s good to remember that Black Adam was heavily panned by critics, and while fans certainly appreciated it more, it looks like its producers lost about $100 million. However, Johnson still believes there is a mystery behind why Black Adam was eliminated, and stated:

“This will always be one of the biggest mysteries. You had the biggest discovery of your career. Of course, there was no China that could bring another 100-200 million dollars. You have a superhero and you want to develop a franchise. You brought back Superman and Henry Cavill, who drove the world crazy. And we created a portfolio of diverse superheroes, with men and women of color in Black Adam.

Johnson then added that the Black Adam franchise remained “fell into the net of a new leadership” and explained:

“Black Adam found himself in a whirlwind of new leadership. There have been many changes in leadership. Whenever there’s a company, a publicly traded company, and all these leadership changes happen, there are people who come in and make creative and financial decisions that they may not agree with you with.”

The film “even” did not cross the $400 million mark at the box office. After a large production budget and all the marketing costs, the film ended up losing a lot of money, and for this reason, the new management decided not to give Johnson’s character a second chance.

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Johnson compared Black Adam’s rejection to “New owner buys NFL team” and said: “Not my coach, not my defender.” It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve won the Super Bowl or how many rings you’ve won, you’ll go with someone else.”

Johnson spoke with James Gunn and Peter Safran about the franchise, and while Black Adam isn’t part of the first phase of DC’s new plans, he said. “DC and Seven Bucks have agreed to continue exploring more viable ways to use Black Adam in future chapters of the DC Multiverse.” We doubt we’ll see Black Adam on the big screen again, but as is often the case in Hollywood, never say never.


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