Black Eyed Peas concert in Lecce: “In love with Italy”

Six Grammy Awards, 35 million albums sold, four special summer concerts in Italy, one of them in Puglia: those are the numbers black Eyed Peas, a trio that, over the past twenty-five years and beyond, has entered the history of pop music and which, after their triumph in July in Turin and Ferrara, will perform on stage at the Oversound music festival in Lecce on Sunday, August 13 (21:30 at PalaLive) and in Olbia , the next day, at the Red Valley Festival. Italian tour dates are determined by Vivo Concerti and tickets are sold online at and at all authorized outlets.

Influences between hip-hop, pop and electronica, some of the Black Eyed Peas’ singles (a formation put together by Californians Will.I.Am, Apl.De.Ap and Taboo) have become milestones in modern music, from “Where is the love” to ” Shut Up”, from “Let’s Get Started” and “I Must Feel”. Platinum certified in Italy, their eighth studio album “Translation” achieved international success, including collaborations with J Balvin, Ozuna, Maluma, Shakira, Nicky Jam and Tyga.

You are a band with a very long career: what are the advantages and disadvantages of working with the same people all this time?

“We know each other well from school, we built the Black Eyed Peas together in 1995. There are no cons, because we are a very close-knit working group in which respect and friendship are above all else. Every decision is made jointly, and even on the rare occasions when we argue about something, we continue the discussion until we find a solution. We feel very happy.”

Four dates in Italy, what is the reason for such attachment to our country?

“We love Italian culture! There is always good energy, we have made many trips to Italy and are always looking for new opportunities to visit. Our first time in Sanremo was in 2004, the reception and the applause from the audience was extraordinary. That’s why we were honored to participate again this year: participation in the festival, which selects the Italian Eurovision song, is special, all the talents on this stage are impressive. We have been to Puglia in the past, but we can’t wait to see Lecce again and create new memories.”

How do you choose songs for a set, given your long career?

“The choice of songs is very simple, we are based on the hits that marked our success and that our audience likes the most. After all, we play for them, it’s always nice to please them.”

Your latest album ‘Elevation’, released in 2022, is full of features: what is your relationship with other artists, especially younger ones?

“We enjoy collaborating with different artists. Working with two special guests, Shakira and David Guetta, on “Don’t You Worry” was one of Elevation’s many highlights. But it was also fun and challenging to deal with young superstars like Anitta and El Alfa.”

Do you feel that since your debut until today, you have changed as musicians, taking into account the technological progress of the industry?

“We have always continued to explore new genres, create music that reflects what is happening in society. We like to think that there is more than one version or sound of the Black Eyed Peas. Each album is very different and evolves over time. In the early 2000s we incorporated the potential of electronic dance music into our sound, and today we’ve expanded into Latin collaborations: it’s about keeping your mind and ears open.”

Is there anything special about your relationship with fans around the world?

“Live performance is one of our favorite moments in the music industry. A lot has changed, like how people consume and interact with music, from CDs to streaming services. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the love and energy we experience while on tour – there’s no better feeling than getting in touch with our community in person. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of the public: we love our fans and Peabody all over the world.”

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