Black Mirror 6, Salma Hayek doubted her role because of some scenes

The actress said she was “shocked by some of the writing” of the episode, which stars her alongside Michael Cera as the lead character in the show’s sixth season, which will air June 15 on Netflix (also seen on Sky Glass). , Sky Q and via app on Now Smart Stick)

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June 15, 2023 go back there season six From Black mirrordestructive dystopian series from Netflix (also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via app on Now Smart Stick) created by Charlie Brooker. The dark and satirical anthology series, in addition to revolutionizing our relationship with technology, was often the protagonist grotesque and controversial scenessuch as those in which he seems to have taken part Salma Hayek in the episode of the new season in which she is filming: “At some point I thought, do I really want to do this?”.

Season 6 episode with Salma Hayek and Michael Cera

famous actress Salma Hayek56, said the script for the episode Joan is terrible who sees her main character in the sixth season Black mirror (released June 15, 2023) contains some shocking moments. The episode in question, directed by Ellie Pankiu and written by Charlie Brooker himself, tells the story of an ordinary woman who is shocked to discover that a global streaming platform has turned her life into a series in which her “character” is played by Hollywood star Salma Hayek. Besides Hayek, the episode also stars Michael Cera, Annie Murphy, Rob Delaney, Ben Barnes, and Himesh Patel.

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Black mirror 6, episode titles and actors. Teaser

Salma Hayek: “There are moments that shocked me”

Actress Salma Hayek said she faced several complex and intense scenesduring the filming of the series Joan is terrible who sees her as the protagonist. Here are his words: “There are so many moments in the script that shocked me. There is a huge problem that I had to contend with, and it made me wonder, “Do I really want to do this? I’ll get into trouble.”


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Episode Joan is terrible: “Only Charlie Brooker could come up with this”

Big and small screen star Salma Hayek then said that she somehow faced her fears and forebodings, and it was fun too while filming the episode. The star that Joan is terrible plays by himself, in fact he stated: “It was absurd, but also very funny. I need to explore the concepts and clichés that people have about me. be self-deprecating. It’s like I created an alter ego where I could do the most disgusting and grotesque things that I would never do in real life… and that I would never be allowed to do. It was surreal and I think only a mind like Charlie Brooker could come up with such a concept.”

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