Blanco and Mina will do a song together

Blanco and Mina

Blanco and Mina. Photo by Roberto Graziano Moro (Blanco) and PDU Music Archive (Mina)

Blanco is about to return and to do it in style he has called a truly exceptional guest. In fact, it seems that the next single of the winner of Sanremo 2022 will be in collaboration with none other than Mina. Rumors have been leaking for the past few hours, but details are still unknown.

As reported by QN And The messengerhowever, the release date of the new song by Blanco and Mina could be closer than expected: April 14th. The single would also anticipate the singer’s second album, whose release date has not yet been revealed. It will also be contained in Mina’s new unreleased disc.

In the past, Mina had already declared – through her son, Massimiliano Pani – that she appreciated Blanco. “Her favorite song is Chills of Blanco and Mahmood,” Pani said. It was to him that Blanco would have proposed the song to get to Mina, who liked it so much that he insisted on recording it together with the young artist.

The production of the new single by Blanco and Mina has been entrusted to Michelangelo

The song is produced by Michelangelo, who also helped write the lyrics. The producer spoke of the collaboration and of the “dream come true” also in the interview given to Rockol in the last few hours. The three would be working between Milan and Lugano, the city where the Tiger of Cremona has lived since the end of the 1980s.

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