Blonde, Ana De Armas reacts to criticism and defends her Marilyn Monroe

Months after the release of Blonde, Ana De Armas has addressed the negative reactions to the film in which she plays Marilyn Monroe.

Blonde was not particularly appreciated by audiences and critics and Ana de Armasmonths after his debut on Netflix as an interpreter of Marilyn Monroereflected on the negative reception of the film directed by Andrew Dominik. Based on the novel of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates, Blonde chronicled the life of Marilyn Monroe, a Hollywood icon struggling with her double identity. In fact, the film deals with some creative liberties not only with Marilyn’s cinematic achievements, but also with the personal misadventures of the woman behind her diva.

Blonde, Ana de Armas reflects on the criticisms of the film

Received in a divisive way by audiences and critics, Blonde nonetheless has a positive note in the eyes of the critics, as also demonstrated by the Oscar nominations 2023: Ana de Armas’ performance was particularly appreciated and this is also why the film is in the competition for the Academy Award 2023 only for the category of best actress. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporterthe lead actress addressed how Blonde was received by audiences and critics as well as her performance as Marilyn Monroe.

When we premiered the film in Venice or San Sebastian, the reaction was much warmer than in the United States. Of course, it’s also the one that gets the most attention, but it’s not the only audience experience. It’s difficult to assimilate these reactions, but you can still take into account the experience you’ve had and why you did it, the reasons that led you to this project. None of this will change. At your side is the director and the rest of the cast you can talk to. It’s not easy to listen to people’s negative opinions, but that’s okay. This movie wasn’t made to please or please the audience, it’s hard to watch. And I don’t think the movie speaks ill of her. I think it’s the other way around. I think it talks about the environment and the industry and it’s hard for someone in the industry to swallow. I feel the film also engages the audience. Hollywood contributed at the time, and continues to do so, to the exploitation of actors and people who live in the spotlight. We as an audience do. And I think someone has felt the finger pointed at in a sense.

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