Blonde Barbie is the stars’ new obsession

It’s impossible to resist Barbie’s call, especially when it comes to beauty tips. Celebrities have not given up on one of the summer hair trends and have chosen Barbie Blonde.

AND Barbie Mania also about beauty and not only with pink texture. The new obsession also affects hair appearance and has already attracted celebrities. As you might have guessed for some time (approximately since the announcement of the film’s release), summer cannot do without references to Barbicor. This trend has now affected the entire fashion and beauty industry and also offers the perfect color for summer 2023. Those looking for a new hair color will be happy to know what summer calls for. barbie blonde.

Barbie Blonde Summer Trend
Credits: Barbie/Warner Bros. – VelvetMag

A nuance that is very easy to understand and implement, always relying on experts, of course. Moreover, the name already speaks for itself. You know classic blonde barbie, a shade of platinum and honey? Such as Margot Robbie offers in a live action movie about a Mattel doll. Even the actress had to resort to some beauty tricks to achieve such a worthy result, for example, use of wigs. I try, Margot Robbie also starts with a blonde, but this is not a blonde Barbie. And play her doll in the director’s film Greta Gerwig confessed to using various wigs, especially for beautiful hairstyles, which were flaunted on Barbieland.

Barbie Blonde, everyone is crazy about the new color for the summer of 2023: even the stars cannot do without it

Even celebrity tried the path of Barbie Blonde, a shade that is destined to accompany the whole of 2023 and that perfectly reflects energy Barbicor. Not only themed manicures, dresses reminiscent of Mattel images of the past, and a strict pink palette, but also doll hair. That’s why Barbie Blonde also charmed the stars. In TikTok and Instagram, this nuance blond like melted butter that defined the Mattel doll for decades. If in winter we witnessed the triumph of ice and ash blond (also thanks to Dragon House), in summer you want a warmer and more enveloping shade instead. But be careful: despite the fact that Barbie Blonde looks so glamorous, she demands rich service.

Barbie Blonde Summer Trend
Credits: Kim Kardashian/Gigi Hadid/Instagram – VelvetMag

Well, yes: those who intend to follow the trend should know what will happen. This shade of hair requires more care because it involves applying a uniform color and therefore avoiding root separation after dyeing. regrowthyou need to make an appointment for a new appointment at the salon, as well as return great color brightnesswhich tends to lighten even more in summer.

Barbie Blonde Summer Trend
Credits: Billie Eilish/Selena Gomez/Instagram – VelvetMag

But that shouldn’t discourage you, especially if you love spending time with your trusted barber. Celebrities prove that Barbie Blonde is the perfect summer hair trend. The first to anticipate the time was Gigi Hadid, back to his blonde Barbie style. But also Selena Gomez she suggested a creamy version of her blonde with contrasting darker roots. And what about Kim Kardashian. The entrepreneur is known for her raven-black hair, as well as her love for Marilyn Monroe. She sported platinum blonde hair and then recently experimented with a blonde Barbie. The same choice for Shay Mitchelland also for Billie Eilish. Considering her song for Barbie, the singer thought well of paying homage to the doll in a special way.

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