Bob Sinclair, Prezioso and Eiffel 65 at Le Club

red circled date it’s august 17th on the calendar, Lockride’s nightlife really is ready to explode With Bob Sinclar, one of the best known international disc jockeys and producers, Waiting at the console at “Le Club”, a landmark on the beach at Locheri. was announced by the entrepreneur David Monteleone. «Our goal – he said – is to prolong the summer, which may even last until November, given the somewhat unstable climate. This will benefit the tourism of the region. If Roxela Jónica, thanks to the Summer Festival, is a candidate to become the capital of live music again this summer, Locridian nightlife has a lot to offer to those who will travel to the area in search of entertainment and fun . Here are all the dates and appointments.


Bob Sinckler – August 17

bob sinclar can be safely considered the father of dance music of the third millennium. The French DJ and producer has released a new version of his collaboration with the eighties hit “Never Knew Love Like This Before”. Stephanie Mills, Their best-known songs include “Love Generation”, “World, Hold On”, “Rock This Party”, and “Everybody Dance Now”. He has collaborated with internationally renowned artists such as Madonna, Rihanna, Sean Paul and Pitbull. has received many awards including Grammy Award in 2003 for the remix of “Thong Song”. Bob Sinclair is also a football fan and composed an official song for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Over the years they have released several albums, including “Paradise” and “Western Dream”, which have achieved great success with the public and audiences. Criticism. With his infectious music and energy on stage, Bob Sinclair has become an icon of the international dance scene, performing around the world and gaining a huge audience of fans. In August she’s set to dance the whole of Lockride with an earlier show date On 17 August at the console of “Le Club”, a local historian from Locheri.

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