Surprise Fugees reunion at Lauryn Hill concert

The American singer-songwriter and rapper headlined The Roots Picnic Festival last weekend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During Lauryn Hill’s live (scheduled for June 3, 2023), her former nineties hip-hop trio Time, Wyclef Jean and Pras Mitchell took the stage by surprise. With them, Hill sang six songs by the fugitives in a historic concert, as it would likely be the last in light of the sentence of the press.

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A recent concert by former US hip-hop trio Lauryn Hill resulted in a surprise Fuji reunion.

The singer-songwriter and rapper, who following his adventures with the trio continued his artistic career with an outstanding solo career, headlined The Roots Picnic festival, which took place last weekend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During Lauryn Hill’s live (staged on June 3, 2023), her former collaborators, Wyclef Jean and Pras Mitchell, took the stage by surprise. Together with him, Lauryn Hill sang six Fuji songs.
The Philadelphia festival crowd went wild when the singer introduced her former bandmates, calling them onstage for a surprise reunion of the beloved hip-hop trio that made ’90s history.

You can see video of the Fugees reunion on stage at The Roots Picnic Festival at the bottom of this article. This is a video showing part of the performance, shared by Wycleaf Jean’s Twitter account.

Very likely this will be the first and last live reunion

It was certainly a moment to savour, as there’s a good chance this could be the group’s first and last time appearing on stage for the foreseeable future, in light of Prause’s conviction in a protracted campaign finance case in April. Electoral polls”, point out the US edition of the magazine in these hours Board,

Below we detail what happened in Pras last April.



‘Fuzies’ rapper Pras Mitchell convicted of spying for China

Prasad Michel convicted on charges of espionage

Late last April, federal court in Washington convicted Pras Mitchell, a 50-year-old member of the hip hop trio, of facilitating Beijing’s access to the highest levels of the US administration, including former presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and of money laundering and racketeering. for bank fraud.

Federal court in Washington found the musician guilty of ten crimes, including espionage for a foreign country. The artist faces up to 20 years in prison.



The Fugees in concert, reunion for the 25th anniversary of the album “The Score”

Prasad Michel allegedly helped Malaysian businesswoman Zoe Low

The Grammy-winning Haitian rapper and record producer, born Prazrel Samuel Michel but better known as Pras Michel, is accused of providing access to the highest levels of the US administration to Malaysian businesswoman Zoe Lo and the Chinese government. helped create.

“We are deeply disappointed, but we are confident that in the end the matter will be resolved in a positive way. We will definitely appeal. This fight does not end here”, Pras Michel’s attorney David Keener commented as he left the courtroom. .



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Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the witnesses in the trial

The first part of the trial on the financial scandal – which ended three weeks later with a sentencing verdict – also included Leonardo DiCaprio as a witness. Lo had actually met several Hollywood stars and financed the film’s production in 2012, after $4.5 billion disappeared from Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund. The Wolf of Wall StreetStarring DiCaprio. The latter said that he never had any doubts about the illegal activities carried out by the producer.

Untitled Project - 1


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Zoe Lo receives favors from Prus Mitchell in exchange for money

Malaysian financier Jho Low may have raised large sums of money to obtain favors from Mitchell, offering, among other things, a sum of $20 million in exchange for the possibility of taking photos with Obama.
He allegedly paid $100 million to the rapper to persuade the US government, including then-President Trump, to drop the charges against him.

The producer may also have intervened to obtain the extradition on behalf of Beijing of Chinese dissident Guo Wengui, arrested in the United States in another case of defrauding investors. Lo is currently untraceable, although investigators say he is in China.



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But Lauryn Hill wanted to bring her former partners on stage with her

But it mattered to Lauryn Hill and the organizers of The Roots Picnic festival that the two men, former bandmates of the singer, would take the stage with Hill at the end of her set. And so it was.
The trio, reunited for a truly historic moment (and perhaps not repeatable again due to the aforementioned belief), performed a series of Fugues classics (six songs to be exact) together.

Hill recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of his debut solo album, lauryn hill education, “We are here to make 25 years wrong educationHill told the crowd, mentioning his Grammy-winning 1998 record. He and his colleagues were unable to celebrate a quarter century of Fuzzi’s most famous works, according to which Philadelphia Inquirer.



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Fuji were unable to reunite in Scotland

Lauryn Hill’s reference to the impossibility of celebrating 25 years with refugees is a reference to the reunion that was planned in Scotland. The event was meant to celebrate the 25-year milestone of their 1996 album, Score, The reunion was first postponed, then cancelled, citing complications from the pandemic as reasons.

Then in April Mitchell was found guilty of ten criminal counts in a federal conspiracy trial related to a broader foreign influence campaign, which could put him behind bars for more than 20 years, at which point any chance of reelection faded. .



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A super-improvised reunion on stage in Philadelphia

Trying to somehow pay tribute to the record’s quarter century (+2 years now). ScoreThe Fujis perform on Saturday June 3, 2023.
He did his best scrolling through the tracklist Scoreplaying the title track, then How many mikes, zealots, ready or not, killing me softly And Fu-gee-la. The reaction from the crowd was reportedly electrifying. After all, during a concert in New York in 2021 that was the first live since Fuji reunited for the first time in 16 years, Lauryn Hill repeatedly referred to her long-estranged bandmates as her brothers. Also this time, as you can hear in the video below, Lauryn Hill uses the word “brothers” to introduce the two musicians.

Below is part of the Fugees reunion video shared by Wycleaf Jean’s Twitter account.

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