Bob – the most favorite autumn haircut of stars

More or less short, straight or wavy, asymmetrical or classic. Bean it is one of the most popular haircuts in the world. Classic and versatile, this hairstyle continues to evolve in line with fashion trends and is offered in a variety of styles, including for autumn 2023 and winter 2024. Autumn bob haircuts usually reach the length of the chin or just above the shoulders. It can be customized to suit different preferences and face shapes. Contact your trusted stylist and ask for an expert opinion.


Selena Gomez she often wore a classic bob just above her shoulders and with slightly faded tips. Emma Watson she opted for a short and vibrant haircut that gives her a modern and fresh look but requires a bit more maintenance and upkeep. asymmetrical bob Rihannawith one part longer, the other shorter, and the conical part Victoria Beckhamwith shorter back and longer front toes. Subscribers love the slim bob chosen a few months ago Jenny Ortega, Wednesday Addams from the Netflix series, with the bangs characteristic of her character in the series. One of the influencers who relaunched this version last spring was Claire Ferragni who unexpectedly demonstrated this by debuting on the Sanremo stage.


The fall bob haircut can look both elegant and casual depending on how it is styled and styled. Much depends on your characteristics. If you have a round face bob with asymmetrical tips, shaggy or layered can help create a slimming effect on functions. If you have a square face, then bob slightly wavy can soften the look. If you have thick hair, you should layered cut. On the other hand, fine hair is improved by wavy bob.


When you wash and dry your hair at home, be sure to follow some precautions beyond what your hairdresser will recommend. If you want to have sleek and straight bob, dry your hair by directing the heat of the hair dryer from top to bottom, following the shape of your head and straightening your hair with a round brush. For wavy and curly bobsInstead, use a diffuser and dry your hair upside down. In both cases, to complete the styling, after drying the hair, use cold air hairdryer for fix hair and add shine to hair. Then, to maintain and define the shape of the fall bob, apply styling productsHow smoothing serum or spray for waves and curls.

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