Breast cancer: 40 new genes linked to breast cancer discovered

Scientists from various universities have made an important discovery about the genetic causes of one of the most common types of cancer in the world. Here are the search results

Breast cancer is one of the most common, especially in women over 40, but it can also affect younger women. Among the factors that may influence its development are also genetic predispositionand a recent study involving researchers from various universities, including Cambridge and Quebec have identified 40 more genes that may be linked to the disease. Really, there are already genetic tests which can be used to assess future risks, but at the moment they can only take into account a small number of genes. A deeper understanding of all the genes involved could improve the accuracy of the tests.

Breast Cancer Research

Researchers analyzed genetic data 244,041 women to identify new genetic variants associated with breast cancer. Of these, 26,368 have already developed the disease. After cross-referencing data identified 40 genes associated with breast cancer: “While most of the variants identified in these new genes are rare, the risks can be significant for women who carry them. For example, changes in one of the new genes MAP3K1seems to include especially high risk of breast cancer“Explained Dr. Jacques Simard, professor of medicine at the University of Quebec Research Center and lead author of the study.

Genetic tests

This study could become the basis for the development of even more accurate genetic tests. At the moment, the only test that can provide insight into an individual’s risk of developing cancer is one that detects the presence or absence of BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, which became known thanks to the American actress Angelina Jolie who survived him. In the future, including thanks to this study, the situation may change.

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