Boogie nights, filming brawls, layoffs and prosthetic legs: the truth about the film

Director Paul Thomas Anderson and released in theaters in 1997, Boogie Nights – Another Hollywood based on the life of pornographic actor John Holmes. The film, which airs late in the evening at 01.35 on Iris, was considered a real scandal, which was not at all easy to make.

Boogie Nights – Another Hollywood Plot

Eddie AdamsMark Wahlberg) is a boy who works as a dishwasher and leads a life complicated by marital status, because of which he weighs even his 17 years. Only in order to change the course of his fate, the boy accepts a job offer from pornographic film director Jack Horner (Burt Reynolds), which turns him into an actor with the hope of elevating film pornography to a recognized and respected art form, free of the taboos that still characterize it. Thus, Eddie enters a world where crew (consisting of such actors as Don Cheadle, John C. Reilly, Heather Graham AND Julianne Moore) becomes his new family. Under the pseudonym Dirk Diggler, Eddie becomes one of the most famous porn actors in the world, and his life seems to be finally getting better. But soon arrests, drug abuse and technological changes will lead to a real crisis, which will lead not only to the loss of a lot of money, but also to the destruction of any relationship of friendship or loyalty.

Complex film processing

According to the site Soondirector first Paul Thomas Anderson he chose a young man Leonardo DiCaprio play the main character of the film. However, the actor was forced to refuse the offer, as he was busy filming. Titanic. Then Leonardo DiCaprio himself suggested that Mark Wahlberg play his role, as it later happened. Even Mark Wahlberg wasn’t sure at first that he wanted to be in the film, but in the end, he not only accepted the role, but also took home a prosthetic penis, which he used throughout the shoot, as a souvenir. According to the siteInternet Movie DatabaseMoreover, Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t the only one holding back: from what we’ve read, even Burt Reynolds turned down a role seven times because he wasn’t sure he wanted to star in a film that somehow glorified the porn industry. . Burt Reynolds, who was also afraid of disappointing his old fans and “tarnishing” his legacy as a dramatic actor, also got into a fight with the director, asking him to stop asking him to do his film as he was not interested. Rather than take offense, Anderson confronted Reynolds and told him that if he maintained the same attitude in front of the camera, he would surely earn an Academy Award nomination.

Finally Reynolds agreed to take part in Boogie Nights – Another Hollywood prompted by his agent, who indicated how long it had been since Burt Reynolds last received an offer. Anderson’s prediction turned out to be correct, and Reynolds did receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. However, the translator was not at all satisfied with the success of the film: he not only refused to participate in any promotional tour, but also fired his agent for convincing him to make the film. As you remember individual, Years later, Burt Reynolds spoke about the film, saying that boogie nights “this was not my movie” and this is the story “it made me uncomfortable.” In addition, there was definitely animosity between the actor and the director, and Reynolds identified Anderson. “young man, too smug” what made him want “hit him.” Even the second IMDB, during filming, Burt Reynolds actually punched Paul Thomas Anderson, accusing him of disrespecting him. Tell me about the brawl John Wildermuth, the first assistant director at the time, who said: “Bert was so upset that he pushed Paul back and started yelling at him like it was his father. “You fucking punk, don’t you dare tell me what to do. And suddenly we saw punches.” flight”.

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